Souffle au Chocolat et au Grand Marnier (by JL)

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” – This is the phrase that’s always lingering in my mind lately.

Quite a while ago, JL, KC, AH, DC and I went to VN’s house for a baking night. JL, who’s our designated baker in the group, was somehow made to conduct this experience with us. It was her first time making Souffle. By the time I got there, she had already beaten the eggs and mixed with the chocolate. With the reference to the recipe she got from the food network website, she quickly finished the preparation and put the mix in the oven.

Baking Nite 1

The mix gradually raised. Looking through the window, I could feel the excitment of creation (although I didn’t make it). To me, there are two major types of people, creator and maintainer. (Intentionally left out the third type – the beneficiary/enjoyer.) I would say most of the time I’m a maintainer in the house. That’s why I’m always excited to see the creation of stuffs (food).

Can’t remember how long it took… Finally the souffles were done; we took it out and they are ready to be consumed. If you don’t eat them immediately, they’re gonna “fall”. So we all digged in right away. They were good! JL used the orange peel and it went really well with the souffle even though I’m usually not very fond of orange + chocolate.

Baking Nite 2 Baking Nite 3

After that we had the [yellow tail] wine… enjoyed the Bewitched. By the time we finished this movie and started the Finding Neverland, I was totally exhausted. 2:30am. Time to go home… It was a great night. Now that JL is taking baking course, it somehow inspires us (me) that we (I) should also persue whatever we’re (I’m) interested in.

Finally, thank JL for giving me her permission to post the pictures of her souffles on here.

Baking Nite 4

FYI: Souffle au Chocolat et au Grand Marnier: recipe.

2 thoughts on “Souffle au Chocolat et au Grand Marnier (by JL)

  1. Awww… a cooking party, my kind of party! 😛 But then again, Lulu and I get possessive when cooking, so we probably won’t cooperate well with others. 😀

  2. Possessive folks! You two gotta share some fun with us! or… another way is that we’ll be your guest and you two cook for us :p

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