Someone who likes to reflect on life and appreciates small things in life.

Spent 1/3 of life time in Toronto, 1/3 in Hong Kong, and now 1/3 in Shanghai.

Started writing and pre-microblogging in 1999. Created first blog in 2004, writing mostly about food and trips until 2008 when my frequency of blog reduced to almost less than once a month. Tried holding on to the blog and resuming in 2014 without success. It was a blog with a lot of history and feelings – both positive and negative.

Today I decided my life has officially moved on to another stage and I have learnt to let go of the old site. So, here I am, writing again. I still love food, but maybe instead of going out, I like to cook more; I still like travelling and I’ve been to many more cities and seen different cultures; I would like to read more and record my reading and takeaways.

Life is unpredictable. That is what makes it more interesting and that is why we shall always remind ourselves what is the most important in life – our priorities.

(Last update in 2016)

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