Thai Chicken Tuesday

Being a “double-lost” person (no school, no work), I indulge myself in weblogging and homemaking (well, not exactly… I kinda prefer the cooking-experiment part although I really did a lot of housework these days). Today’s special is the Thai-style BBQ chicken. Here’s my modified version…

1 lb chicken drumstick
1 tbp chopped fresh ginger
1 tbp chopped lemon grass
(1 tbp chopped coriander root – I didn’t put this though)
1 cup light soy sauce
1 tp sugar
1 tbp pepper
1 tp curry powder

– Mix all the ingredients and marinate the chicken in the mixture for more than 1 hr in the frige
– Broil the chicken over low fire (around 30-40 mins)
– Serve w/ sweet chili sauce

Not bad… I especially like the hint of ginger

Spent a lot of time fixing the weblogs. U know… I’m not really good at this. @_@ eyes really sore now.

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