Back to China

Back to China and back to Single. Today’s the third day of my official office working life. Things have been going ok so far. These days I’ve been getting enough rest, sleeping early and waking up early. I do feel the difference with good amount of sleep though. A refreshed mind keeps me in a better mood. Getting a bit tired of my current look and I’m considering changing my hair style although I still don’t know what I should change to. Need to get myself organized – join a gym, exercise, make a comfy home for myself, eat well and read some books. This kind of lifestyle does sound a bit boring, but I feel I need it for a while. Could have called up everyone in Shanghai and hang out every night, but somehow I think I would feel even lonelier and emptier that way. I’d rather work from inside out.
Every year April to May seems to be a hectic time, It’s Spring, and it is taxation season in many countries. Things are changing and I definitely need to learn the ropes. Things are not going very smoothly at work. Actually it isn’t going anywhere so far. I guess it does take some time to warm up, mix in, and be productive. I’m not expected to achieve any major result in the first 3 months anyway. Take it slow at work, and in life. Finally got my VPN access after a lot of struggle with my Paypal and My Private Network. Don’t know why everything seems to be so difficult sometimes. Updated my FB relationship status and made it official. The feeling is actually quite strange. I remember someone once mentioned that “things are not official until it is announced on Facebook”. I’m still a bit not used to this new status, but it has been dragging on for a long time. So I think it’s good that I (we) finally made the decision and took the bullet, and ended the unnecessary prolonged suffering.

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  1. Meet up with two good girlfriends every two weeks somewhere casual, spend time chatting, laughing, glass of wine, having fun. Join several groups if you have the time, such as a jogging group, historical walking tour group, art group, etc, these groups should be of people you do not already know. There are no rehearsals in life, always take care of yourself and love yourself no matter what. Marz, you always pull through, bounce back, and excel!

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