One is the loneliest number.

Flew to Shenzhen the other day, spent 12 hours in total. Plane cancellation and delays. Came back from Shenzhen and had 1 hour delay, which is nothing. Then from Beijing to Shanghai, another 3 hours of delay. Lucky that time I could stay in the lounge and got something done. It seems these days flight delays are very normal. It seems that something is wrong with the China flight control system. I don’t understand. I still don’t get it. Well, like my new French friend said: This Is China. I guess I really have to get used to this. Just work around it when you can’t change it.

Next Tuesday will go to Beijing again and then head to Hong Kong. Mother was in town for 3 months, but it seemed that I never had a chance to spend any quality time with her. The day she went back to Toronto, I was in Beijing. I felt sad.

Finally, I’m the only one staying in Shanghai. Finally I’ve found a place to move in next week. Busy with work all the time, and it seems that the only time I could have a rest I feel strange about it. Feel so strange that I could sit down and type up some thoughts.

Guess I should get some sleep…

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