Last day in Toronto…

Finally. This day is here. I don’t know how many times people have asked me about how my packing goes. Packing is 90% done more than half a month ago. The remaining 10% just won’t be done until the last 2 hours before I leave the house for the airport. Since I’ve already packed most of the stuffs so long ago, I don’t remember anymore what I’ve packed and what I might have missed. It’s just a mess (mentally – I hate unfinished businesses). Two checked-in baggages per person – 50lb each. It doesn’t take long to fill up the 100lb. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t get in Shanghai – but for convenience/budget’s sake, I gotta pack and back up.

After all the trips and flying, I think I’m almost a pro now. The most painful part, I’d say is still the restriction of liquid content on the carry-on baggage. Now I can’t even close the large checked-in baggages until the last minute – you know… all the skin care products.

What have I done in the past month? Since I came back from my April trip, I have been ultra-hyper. I guess it was the excitement and a bit of the nervousness – Day time, I just chilled, then night time things always came to my mind and I just couldn’t sleep. There were days that I just stay up 48 hours – no sleeping, not so much eating. Going out every day and every other night… I thought I could sustain like that. I thought I could just do that until the day I fly out.

Too bad, it finally backfired.

Yah, I’ve been sick for like a week now – sore throat, coughing like hell and now even losing my voice. Interesting enough, I went to see a doctor and he said I should be recovered very soon (2-3 days). Today is the 3rd day and I don’t think I’m getting much better.

Afterall, I’m no supermarz.

Don’t worry. I’m quite optimistic. Getting sick now is better than getting sick when I’m in China. And… now I’m more cautious when I’m partying on the other side of the planet. I never learn the lesson … guess I’ve been pushing my limit too far.

The past two months have been very interesting. Lots of things to do, places to see, friends to meet. I’d say it gotta be one of the craziest months in my life (so far). I can feel that people care about me. Love is all around; and I’m really grateful that I’m alive.

Maybe sometimes you get tired, lonely, unsure, or anxious. You’re not alone. It’s part of our lives. Without that, how would we appreciate the good times? Now, I’ve chosen this path. For better or wrose… gotta stick with it and get the most out of it. Sometimes I just feel this fire or desire inside me – that I have to go, or do something. Do you hear me?

I will miss Toronto and everyone, everything here.

6 thoughts on “Last day in Toronto…

  1. You don’t know me, but I’ve been following your blog and enjoying it – especially all your review about restaurants and food in Toronto. Are you moving back to China or Shanghai? Sigh, will miss all you review and your blog.

  2. Hi inimini and mad dog,

    Yes, I’ll be in Shanghai for the next 18-24 months, getting my MBA there.
    But I’ll keep this blog. Guess I’ll be travelling a bit in Asia this year and probably Europe next year, and I’ll come back to Toronto a bit next year as well. @_@ lots of flying.

    Really thank you all for visiting this blog. 😀

  3. Hey Marz, I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had time to visit here for a while and you gave me quite a scare when I thought you were leaving here for good 😮

    Just want to wish you bon voyage and have a great time in Shanghai. The food and music there should be excellent as well! I left Toronto 2 years ago for school too (only to the westcoast of US though), I can somewhat relate to your 心情. Come home often, please take care of yourself, and get your shots.

  4. I….dont know what to say….just want to leave a msg here for u…good luck ….for everything….school…life…love…partying…frds…health..everything!

    just kinda sad that I wont see u online as often since you will be in different timezone now…less chance to chat with marmar….

  5. Hey guys and girls! Thank you all for your warm wishes 🙂 I’ll be in HK on June 11. Dammit!!! I really have problem accessing facebook and some other sites from China grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Once I’ve settled down and get my internet back up, I should be alright. But right now… I’m already a bit homesick. Luckily, I’m not as sick (physicially) as before and tried some really good and cheap local food/snacks. Yummm

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