N. Ameritrip – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Vancouver

Whenever I think of Vancouver, first thing that comes to mind is: Rain. Yes, that’s the main thing that I’d complain about this city. The weather (sun or rain) just has an prominent affect on my mood. It was the short stay in Vancouver this time. Since both of us have been to the city (or will go again), we mainly chilled, got some rest, and prepared for the next destinations. It was also the only city where we could do our laundry. @_@

The first night, we played Texas Hold’em. Got some luck and won some money. (Couldn’t believe that! coz I usually suck at gambling!)

Vancouver (Richmond) bus stop

This visit, we had a chance to try the bus for once. Nothing special – but again, it’s a good try. I always like to try out the local public transport.

Ramen place

Spent some time on Robson Street… had a cup of Starbucks coffee (with honey) – tasted very good. Checked out the Chapters… saw some good books. It was raining outside and luckily we got an umbrella. Around 2pm, we met up w/ cousin for lunch. This is the ramen place that I went to the first two times I visited Vancouver – Ezogiku 菊 Noodle Cafe. I mentioned on the trip that I didn’t find it as good as I thought. Are things always better in memory?



Another restaurant we ate at was Ebisu (Richmond location – which isn’t shown on its website). Got treated. They ordered a lot of food. Everything was quite fancy looking. Tasted good overall, but maybe I was already a bit sick of eating out and didn’t have a good appetite that night, I didn’t eat a lot.

Another day, we went to White Spot. At first, cousins weren’t quite sure if they’d wanna go there since it’s mainly for the grandpas and grandmas. But we went anyways since we don’t have it in Toronto. Actually it was also my first time eating there. They have unlimited refill of fries.

Another night, we had Panago Pizza delivery. Um… it was good! Wondered why I’ve never tried it when I was in Toronto.

Famous Player

What else… yah. I’ve always wanted to watch 21 and Vantage Point. We watched the Vantage Point, but it was so-so. -_-

A&W @ Vancouver AirportDuring the rest of the trip, we went back to Vancouver numerous times for (manual) connection. *Due to the restriction, if we are in the States, we had to fly back to Canada before we can fly to another U.S. destination. The Vancouver airport hasn’t changed much since my last visit.

The A&W was still there, at the same spot.

I wonder when the next visit would be…

The Vancouver stopover was a good rest, and a good meeting up with new friends and families.

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