North America Trip 2008

So tired…

Finally I’ve decided to go on this trip – take advantage of the North American Pass – unlimited flying in North America (Tue/Sat/Sun) for the month of April.

Been looking at the computer whole day and trying to design my itenary – how to fly, where to stay, what to do… It’s such a crazy idea… but I’m doing it, with a friend.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:
April 1-4 Miami
April 5-7 Vancouver
April 8-12 San Francisco
April 13-18 Las Vegas
April 19-21 Los Angeles
April 22-25 Montreal
April 26-28 Chicago
April 29 Toronto

Budget is still the main problem. Don’t say I’m rich, etc. I just quitted my job and I’ll be going to Shanghai in July/August for MBA – so there goes 24 months jobless. But I’m telling myself, now – it’s the time. Money can’t buy time… I can make more money later on but I will probably be working non stop for many years and won’t even have time for this. Been living in Toronto for 10+ years; I think it’s a good idea to travel around North America since I’m still on this continent.

So… ladies/gentlemen, please let me know if you know any good deal for accomodation – anywhere you’ve stayed and would recommend…(or if you have a place for me to say, that would be even better :p) Also, anything you would recommend me doing/seeing (not so much buying lol). Feel free to leave me a comment or email me.

Also, any advice is appreciated 😀

Good luck to me.

9 thoughts on “North America Trip 2008

  1. Wow this is quite something!!!

    Good luck to your endeavours!

    I am sure after the MBA it’ll be a bright future for you!

  2. Wow, you are completing my dream!

    I wish I could, fly to a city in the morning and return in evening (red-eye flight even) and no need to book hotel
    , but working full-time simply makes the weekend trips impossible, or will exhaust myself if I do do it

    Hotel: priceline priceline priceline

    Have you considered getting 2 months of NA pass, and you can get a flight to Shanghai for extra $150 only…
    so for about $1700, you get 2 months unlimited + pacific flight

  3. hey marz,

    it’s nice to travelling around b4 sthg new get started, ur inti seems very nice!!

    i will be going osaka/kyoto today hehe 😛

    wow ur going SH for school? maybe i will run into you, be prepared i will come up and say hi~~

  4. OMG…one month travelling North America…

    It’s gonna be fantastic! You are right, money can’t buy time, do it when you can. Go go go!

  5. wow! great to see all the comments we’ve got 😀 Yah… the 2 month pass is pretty good given an additional return ticket to Shanghai/ Paris/ London in April. If I weren’t going to Shanghai in July/Aug, I will do this one. Yup. I’m gonna say bye to Toronto for at least 18 months. Will be doing my MBA in Shanghai – school… and life experience. I think I will keep this blog since I really like writing/blogging and I love to hear from you guys. Just let me know, say Hi to me if we bump into each other one day. Or, even drop me a message when you’re in town and we can come out. You won’t scare me 🙂

  6. Damn just when I finally meet you and you have to go … but hey I will keep read your restaurant reviews in Shanghai since I may go there myself in 2 years…by then you will done your MBA though @$%&#$& lol

    I am so excited for your new adventure. If you do need any contacts/advice/help in Shanghai I do have connections (e.g, in terms of work, I guess you would love to work 15 hours after you get your MBA in some MNCs right? Toronto too boring for you? =P)

    Good luck!

  7. wow…i wish i was as lucky as you to travel around. I used to travel quite a bit but once I started working it has slowed down. I miss those times and I am glad I did it while I can.

    I thought about doing the westcoast NA pass but looked @ the calendar, it doesn’t work for me. Yes definitely agree, travel while you can – now before you start school…again and once work start you wouldn’t be able to have that much free time. Enjoy, have a fantastic trip and keep us posted! =)

  8. Hi! Yah, I’ll be leaving Toronto for quite a while. Instead of July/Aug, I’m gonna leave in early-June, which is a bit earlier than originally expected, but I guess it’s good to have to lead time in between. I’ll definitely miss Toronto, my family/relatives, friends, and you guys & girls. Hopefully, I’ll have some restaurant reviews when I’m there. 🙂

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