Promise (II)

MusicSheetSunday night… As I put on my comment here, I went to the Promise Piano Bar for its live music. Last time I went there was about a year ago – I wrote a post about this place after my visit. After reading the recent comments, I’ve decided to give it another chance.

In our lives, we seldom get a second chance. When we do, we try hard to seize it, and run with it. Well… at least I’d do that.

Tonight, TC and I came to this place @ International Gourmet Street (Silver Star Blvd./Steeles). I’m sure many of you have been to this area and eaten at those restaurants. There is one place you may have also been to, maybe you’ve been there for beers and dice games. But tonight, it was a totally different scene. No dice gaming, no hardcore drinker… just piano, violin, and cello. We arrived at around 10pm. There weren’t a lot of people, which is what I like. It’s hard to find a place where you can chill and enjoy some live music.

To be honest, I’d say the live band is still a bit green. There were a few NG’s, but that’s the beauty of it. If I demand perfection, I’d listen to a CD. When you can appreciate flaws, that implies you’re already at another stage.

I like the idea of having a few hours on Thursday and Sunday reserved for live music. It might sound a bit crazy – this “Promise piano bar” is like living a double life. On some nights you see dice games and lots of beers – all loud and noisy. And then, tonight it all slowed down, with live music.

I guess… 卡夫卡 is right. It’s the demographic, marketing and music. Afterall, business is still business – without the dices and beers, how are they gonna pay the bills?

I’m sure, given some time, some good music, those who like this will find their way in here. Hopefully, by that time, I’d be able to find a seat in there :p

Towards the end of the night, I requested a song – Carpenter’s Close to You – one of my favourite songs. The band needed to find the score to play another time. So, I requested the Karaoke version and sang it there. (Yah… Marz could be a bit impulsive sometimes.) I really enjoyed my night . Keep up the good work.

*Aside, I ordered a glass of house wine, my friend ordered an iced tea. After T&T, it was around $15. I think it’s pretty good value. BTW, if you would like to sing w. them, feel free to leave them a message, and they will find your song and do that with you.

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  1. Hi Marz, it’s funny, i thought i heard the wrong thing when you were talking to 暗黑的卡夫卡 and introduced yourself… but i read your blog all the time so i looked at today’s posting u were there too. i’m glad to have met you. Next time I see you there, i’ll say hi to you. lol. I like when you blog about your eating out experience =)

  2. Hi Zupfe, sorry I didn’t know… were you the person who did the audio system for me or…? Coz I don’t really know who’s who and I was guessing when I saw 卡夫卡… So, let me know next time when I’m there. It’s cool to meet some new freinds on this blog and indeed I have met quite a few friends on here. Nice meeting you 😀

  3. sure, if I remember what you look like I will come and introduce myself. lol. =) Will you go on Thursday since they will try to do something really cool since it’s the long weekend? If you do, i’ll come and say hi to you. It is definitely nice to meet people especially when people love live music..hehe.. Yes, I love reading about your experience in food. It’s a blast isn’t it?

  4. Thanks for giving us another chance…we will work diligently (trying to get Bridge off break dancing mania lol)

    Nice song indeed. Will try to find the score for it.

    One day, we may even get a double base…who knows? =)

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