3 girls night out (Part 2) – La Bamboche

3 Girls night out – Part 2.

After our Five Doors North visit, I still wasn’t feeling that well. So, we decided to take a walk and go to La Bamboche, which is just right across the street. This place open until 11pm. Took this silhouette snapshot outside the place. Good that the snow wasn’t too bad that night.
La Bamboche 1

Standing in front of these cakes, which ones should I get?! Later… I ended up getting 4 individual cakes for RL and his family. The feedback I got was… the mattcha cream one was a bit too sweet. I think that’s personal preference as well.
La Bamboche 2

So, my girl friends got the Vanille Fromage (left) and Sacher Torte (right). Both of them were very rich.
La Bamboche 3 La Bamboche 4

I ordered a pot of Ginger Lemon Redbush instead. They also got the baguette. So pointy. :p
La Bamboche 5 La Bamboche 6

Just sat there and enjoyed ourselves. There was a Japanese lady (staff) plus us – the only customers there at that time. Nice. SL said she had tried the brunch at this place and really liked it. I should do that sometime as well. They also have wifi but for some reasons the password didn’t work.

FYI: La Bamboche official site/blog
4 Manor Road East, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1P8 (Eglington station)
Tel: 416-481-6735

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  1. hey marz.. i just went there for brunch this morning.. food was great & we love the environment.. thx for posting it!!

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