3 girls night out (Part 1) – Five Doors North

My first Winterlicious dinner of the year. Thank to SL, we finally had a girl night out last weekend. The destination was “Five Door North” near Yonge and Eglinton. What an interesting name. Heard some good feedback on this restaurant. At 6pm SL and I arrived at this restaurant. It was a bit of a challenge to find a parking spot – but I was quite lucky and found a parking in 5min one street south.

Five Doors North 12 Five Doors North 1

Came into this place I smelt good food right away. Yah, I was kinda hungry at 6pm. I think I only had a few pieces of bread that whole day. Looked around, I saw many people ordered baby back ribs – but I don’t feel like that. So, the menu above is for Winterlious and the menu below is their normal menu.

Five Doors North 2

Around 7pm, We had a few pieces of breads – dip that in the olive oil. Heaven. But wait… something happened. I started feeling gas in my stomach – it usually happens whenever I feed myself when my stomach is really empty. Luckily, SL had some medicines – I picked a small pink one from the mix. I should carry something like that with me next time.

Five Doors North 3

It didn’t take me that long to figure out what I wanted. Good that we have 3 persons – so we can mix and match, share and taste.

Here’s what we ordered – from left to right, top to bottom:
For appetizers:
1. Baked Polenta and Goats Cheese w. Sundried tomato paste and pesto – it’s really filling. Had a small piece of it. It’s pretty good.
2. Warm Portobello Mushroom Salad w. asiago cheese and a lemon and fresh Oregano dressing – One of the best Portobello Mushroom that I’ve tried. Yum!

Five Doors North 4 Five Doors North 5

For main course:
1. Grilled Flat iron Steak w. an onion and Gorgonzola sauce – Even though they didn’t ask us how we’d like it done, it was just right – medium rare. At the first glance, I thought the portion was quite small, but later I found it was just right. (Am I eating less these days?!) I love the sauce w/ the steak.
2. Seared Tilapia ala putanesca – Had a bite – still prefer my steak
3. BBQ Baby Back Ribs w. Potato salad – fall-of-the-bone. It was good.

Five Doors North 6 Five Doors North 7 Five Doors North 8

For Desserts:
1. Flourless Chocolate Cake
2. Creme Brulée
3. Cheesecake
All three of them were pretty good. Too bad, I was feeling the pain the whole night even though I’ve taken the medicine. According to JL (our pro baker) – there is some flour in the cheesecake.

Five Doors North 9 Five Doors North 10 Five Doors North 11

It was a restaurant that I’d like to go back again. Service was ok, food was good, atmosphere was pretty good. Price was right. The only thing was that it was quite packed – not that comfy to sit for too long.

FYI: Five Doors North
2088 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
Tel: 416.480.6234

2 thoughts on “3 girls night out (Part 1) – Five Doors North

  1. sounds pretty good for $25 .. the appetizers all sound really good, maybe I’ll go there just for the apps and dessert .. the mains look “alright” .. finding lately that mains are so boring .. 🙁

    oh hey, went to Fat Cat Wine Bar, but didn’t take pix .. food was decent .. but a bit salty .. >_<

  2. Hey Moo – haven’t seen you for a long time. Yah I think it’s pretty good deal! I’d like to go back! Fat Cat sounds interesting… but never tried that.

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