For those who are not sitting beside me while I’m typing up this post. Background music: Love Song (Playlist 1). RnB matches the mood of this moment.

There are always some places that we drive by many times, but never stop by…check out. This Yoboberri was one of them. Drive along Yonge, this place definitely caught my attention. You know me. I like treasure hunts and when I’m least expecting something, the outcome is usually better. On a weeknight. After gym. The stress-infused body and mind finally got the relief. This time, RL’s 6th sense found me. Trying to think of a place to chat – a flash of green popped into my mind. Thought of this place and decided to give it a try.

(What a coincidence – the other place that I frequent was also in color of green – the Green Grotto) Can’t deny. I do like this color. Good for your eyes.

Yogoberri 5

Not too sure about what had been here before this cafe. The feeling that I got from this entrance is quite… elegant. It makes me think of a night club or something.
Yogoberri 4

Walked up the stairs and came into this place. On the far left there is the small areas that can seat 15-20 people. This is also the area that you can view from outside… when you’re driving on Yonge, checking out the Korean (most likely) girls and guys inside. Then, there is the racks of baked goodies that you can purchase. The racks make a nice natural divider between the seats and the counter.
Yogoberri 3

On the other side, that’s where you order the yogurt icecream. Their yogurt icecream banners were quite catchy. That’s kinda how I got pulled (mentally) into this place. -__- Their yogurt icecream is different from the ones that you get from Yogen Fruz. This one is a bit sweeter and smoother. Instead of blending in the fruits, they only offer two flavors – green tea and original taste (I think) and then put fruits on top of it. I ordered the green tea one + fruit toppings. However, all they have left was some canned fruits. So, I got those instead.
Yogoberri 2

On the far right side, there was also a small seating area. So, in total – rough estimate – max. capacity is about 40. The only server there was a young Korean guy. Service? not much. But then they don’t have service charge either. One man show, it’s good in a way that we were left alone. I like that. Thinking of Green Grotto… since it got so busy, I haven’t been there at night. If I go, I’d go when there’re less people or sometimes no one. Just chill. You know? The only thing about Yogoberri is that they don’t have magazines. So, I’d say this is the place to go if you want some chitchat with friends OR if you want to bring a piece of blank paper and think. The music there was quite upbeat.

Here’s the yogurt icecream. Not bad.
Yogoberri 1

I’m happy to find another place to chill up North. There was a clock that caught our attention. We liked that clock for some reasons. Not sure if it’ll also catch your attention.

BTW, all these pictures are taken using HTC Touch.

FYI: Yogoberri
6070 Yonge Street, Toronto
Tel: 416.512.0488
Open: 10:30am – 11:00pm

*They also have two other locations… Wonder how the bakery is.
(1) BnC Bakery
#12 – 257 Dundas St. E., Mississauga
Tel: 908.896.7888
(2) BnC Bakery Cafe + Yogoberri
631 Bloor Street W., Toronto
Tel: 416.516.4288

13 thoughts on “Yogoberri

  1. Hi annie, since you asked 🙂 and I also wanna know. Just gave them a call. They are open from 10:30am to 11:00pm.

  2. Oh great, thanks for visiting this place! I live relatively close to this place and drive by it all the time, was always wondering what the hell it was…(a modern well lit place for such a dingy run down stretch on Yonge st…)

    My girlfriend taught me about the Korean Yogurt Icecream craze while we were in Shanghai together (tried it there for the first time as well – strange huh?) and I have been hooked on it ever since.

    I am a huge fan of yogurt flavoured things, the sour yet sweet taste seem to go so well together for some reason and really appeals to me. Which probably also explains why I am also the biggest fan of Calpis or Calpico products (sadly such an expensive product here! Especially the King: Calpico Soda 1.50 per can @ J-Town).

    Too bad my girlfriend is back in Korea now, so I probably won’t get to this place… Nice to know I have an option though!

    ps. We used to go to this place Cafe Aries also on Yonge, close to Owl of Minerva and Oh Geoul Be Geol (sp?), that had awesome deserts. They specialize in shaved ice deserts, and there is this one with this frozen yogurt on top…really hits the spot on those hot summer days. Cool place to hang out as well I guess.

  3. Hey somemale, wow! then you should go to this place and tell me what you think 😉 Didn’t know about the Korean Yogurt Icecream craze… I like calpis drink as well, usually I have that @ bubble tea place though.

    I ALWAYS drive by those Cafe Aries and Geoul Be Geol… but again, never been there. Cafe Aries looks interesting to me too. I’ve been to the Owl of Minerva (24 hr man!) – good for late night food (not good if you’re watching weight).

  4. Korean… always gdlkn ar, esp Korean guy lol~

    wow there’re shops in Miss., I can go if I come back next time!

    i m thinking to come back in May lol~

  5. I went to check this place out because I love frozen yogurt.. this is not frozen yogurt its ice cream with a little yogurt in it.. i will continue going to yogen fruz as they sell real yogurt, which taste allot better then this korean yogurt stuff…if yogurt is ice cream in korea then they dont know yogurt yet.

  6. Yah, I think they call this yogurt ice-cream – quite sweet. Not sure how much yogurt they put in there but I can tell there’s yogurt in it. As for the real yogurt – same here, I like yogen fruz better.

  7. tried a taste of the green tea frogurt .. it’s a bit odd .. i was expecting more green tea flavour and something more ice-creamy .. the sourness of the frogurt caught me off guard, but i can definitely get used to it.

    the cakes looked pretty interesting — they had a butternut squash cake .. whaaaa ?!

  8. Hi Moo~ yah from my distant memory, it’s a bit different from what I expected. Man… so hot in here, gotta get some ice-cream soon.

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