Holidays (fly)

Time flies; holidays fly even faster. January 1 marks the last day of my 10-days vacation. Let me enjoy the last meal of tonight. 2007 is already history. Fluctuation of the stock markets; Sustained strength of the Canadian dollar; Tax cuts; Devalued RMB; Increasing demand in niche markets; 9-to-5-ers vs. New Rich, blah blah blah… There are many variables in the equation of life. Some seem to be independent of each other until one day they all seem to be interrelated.

Random thoughts again. Before the holidays, RL and I went to a solo exhibition of a Korean artist, Kisook Maria Kim at the Gallery of the Korean Consulate General Toronto Canada. Looking at her works, (I think) I could feel the frustration, anger, space, life, desire, warmth and care… Maria is a very approachable person. Her English might not be very fluent, but her friendliness and warm welcome make you feel like home. Being a mother of two children, I could still see her “self”. Unlike many (Chinese) mothers that I’ve seen – have given up their lives and passions for their children. I know I’m in no position to draw a conclusion or make a judgement of anything. It’s just… a feeling that one could sacrifice but sometimes the sacrifice may not be good or necessary. There should be an independent “self” to a certain degree for the good of all parties.

Thank all of you for visiting my blog in the past year(s). I’m glad that I have this *playground* to express my feelings and put my thoughts to words.

Wish you all a great new year 2008.

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