Omega 3 魚湯米線

Omega 3 - 1One night. Wanted to try something healthier and lighter. Thought about this “Omega 3” restaurant near Kennedy and Hwy7. (What a weird name for a restaurant – sounds like I’m eating vitamin supplements.) Got there around dinner time. The restaurant was at this Chinese plaza, facing Kennedy Rd. Went into this place at a cold cold night. The wallpaper looks like an aquarium. The tables were quite far apart. Looked like something was missing. Yes, there’s no separator (e.g. plants, glass dividers, etc.) in the restaurant. Sometimes I’m quite amazed how human perceives space, design and concepts… I guess we are all “preloaded” with ideas and concepts. When something doesn’t fall into the norm, it just doesn’t look right.

Anyhow, I wasn’t very hungry that night. The menu was very simple. There weren’t a lot of items to choose from. The price range was great. Besides the vermicelli/soup rice, they offer a few side dishes/desserts (on the 1st picture).
Omega 3 - 2

We ordered two bowl of vermicelli. One was “Fresh fish, cuttle fish and chicken balls”, the other one was with the “Sliced sea snail and sliced beef”. Tried a piece of the sea snail. Wasn’t impressed. However, the portion was overall large. We kinda regretted that we ordered two bowls – but it would look a bit strange if we are sharing 1 bowl though… The soup was good. Saw they put “no MSG” on the board. I would say the food did taste a bit bland.

Omega 3 - 3 Omega 3 - 4

We also ordered the grilled fish. Lots of small bones. Was ok.
Omega 3 - 5

Second time. I went there with my mother. She ordered the same thing that I had before (3 types of fish/meal balls) but with the addition of “sliced sea snail”. With this additional ingredient – price went up by $1.60. Feel kinda fun to do this – counting the dollars and cents – which I normally don’t do and hate to do. But I feel like an accountant or a business analyst somehow. Was the marginal utility that I got from the “sliced sea snail” able to justify the additional cost of $1.60? The answer was… No. The taste of the sea snail wasn’t that great. Not sure if that’s because they’ve boiled the snail for a long time.

I ordered the rice with soup. I like that they use wild rice – which is still a bit chewy even after being soaked with soup. However, this time, we both find the taste was stronger (and quite salty). Quite different from my first experience (again, inconsistency in the quality of food). The service was really slow. One lady looking after all the tables. She forgot to give us tea, the vermicelli came w/o the sea snail, and took a long time to get us the bill. Don’t get me wrong – the lady was polite, but restaurant didn’t have a good flow/allocation of staff.

I would say it’s probably worth trying it once (for the fish soup and the healthy part of it), but I don’t think you’d like to go back.

FYI: Omega 3 魚湯米線
Unit A05-8362 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON. L3R 9W5
Tel: 905-940-1688

3 thoughts on “Omega 3 魚湯米線

  1. I like all kinda noodles but dunno why, I really dislike “mai sin” since day one~ the texture of “mai sin” is kinda… weird to me, not hard, not soft, not chewy.. and it also cannot really “absorb” sauces..

    btw Merry Xmas lol~

    note : as of today, its 23C here in HK for god sake…

  2. I am just concerned about the main source of Omega 3 which is the liver of fish. as you can see, fishes can accumulate mercury and pcb. *-‘

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