Food Journal (snapshots in Oct)

Met up with friends for brunch in late Oct. These pictures almost got lost in the sea of folders on my hard drive. I think there’re too many things in my computer. Afterall, it’s getting old, nevertheless I still like it. There’s still love between me and “him”. Just like RL said, it seems like I could survive as long as there’s Internet.

Brassaii 1

The place wasn’t hard to find. Used to hangout around that area for clubbing. Daytime, the vibe is different. Relaxed and slow.

Ordered the pancake – wasn’t that great. Well, one person did find it good.
Maybe it’s personal preference. I found it a bit soggy… was expecting something thick (and a bit more solid).
Brassaii 2

Egg white omelette looks good though.
Brassaii 3

Also had some cookies, ginger bread, etc. These were the highlight of the day.
Very soft and fresh.
Brassaii 4

Just some snapshots – Can’t really draw a conclusion from one visit. The place was nice. I like sitting near the back where the windows are. Had a relaxed Sunday.

FYI: Brassaii
461 King Street West, Toronto
Tel: 416-598-4730

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