Recent Eats (Part 2)

(III) Famous BBQ Express

Not really a downtown girl. I mean. I don’t live downtown nor go downtown very often. When I go, it’s usually for work (meeting – such as today), eating, shopping and clubbing. (Hey, that’s almost everything! LOL) OKOK, I just wanna say I don’t mean the downtown = younger/hipper and uptown = older/uptight that kind of saying. Technically, I’m neither since I’m out of town. -_-

Back to the recent eats topic. From time to time, I am tempted to go off topic or start another post without finishing the previous one. A couple of weeks ago, while walking on Queen St., we bumped into some friends and they just finished dinner (a pretty early one – 6ish pm). They told us that it’s a really good one. So we walked about 20 steps further and came to this Famous BBQ place.

The colors were catchy, very photogenic. I quickly snapped a picture of the place without even noticing the manager/boss (?) inside, posing. He is a very nice person. First thing we ordered was the Spicy pork recommended by friends. Then, he told us there’s something good off the menu – the BulGoGi with Teriyaki sauce. So, we also got that.

Famous BBQ 1 Famous BBQ 3

Sitting there, there were a few other people sitting, or waiting for take-out. It was a bit early for dinner on a weeknight. The place was kinda have that “retro” feel to it. Here’s a one-man table. For sure, there are a lot of one man eating here.

Famous BBQ 2

While waiting for the food – which didn’t take long. Afterall, this place is supposed to be similar to fast food (but of course, it’s much better!). There are two staffs cooking and preparing the food + the boss looking after things and taking orders. Somehow, I saw the attention that they paid to preparing the food – a bit different. There’s something more to it. Is it passion? I don’t know. Maybe not to that level yet. But definitely have more “heart” or personal touch to it.

The food was good. Both of them was tasty. Hungryman portion. Not expensive at all. Even the presentation is great. I would say it’s a good deal. Marz like.

Famous BBQ 4 Famous BBQ 5

Also got this free fruit bar as dessert. You get them everywhere on Queen W. I think the company just put them there as a promo.

Fruit Bar

Second thought. I think the manager is smart. The offering of an “off-menu” item is definitely a nice marketing strategy. Who doesn’t want something special and good? Who doesn’t like little secrets? Who doesn’t like to feel special/different?

FYI: Famous BBQ Express
385 Queen Street West, Toronto
Tel: 416-593-0713

(IV) Chef Thai Fusion

Long time no see. The first time I went to Chef Thai Fusion was around August last year. After my visit, I blogged about it. I would say… overall, I didn’t leave with a positive impression. The second time I was there, I didn’t eat anything. I think it was around this time last year. Time flies.

The third time, it was a nice surprise. A weeknight. We came to this restaurant at around 8ish. There place was 2/5 full. Looking at the menu, I just felt like eating veggie. So we ordered a yellow curry vegetable and a Thai style eggplant.

The food came. I was totally in love with the eggplant. I like it. The curry was so-so. There was an older couple sitting at another table. While they were ordering, the server (manager?) made a lot of suggestions. He was very helpful, and I would say that’s very good service. Also, their food seemed to be pretty good.

I’d say… I wanna try it again next time. 🙂 I guess it really depends on what you order. The pad thai was really so-so. If I go next time, I’d ask for recommendation. Hope it’ll turn out well.
Chef Thai Fusion

FYI: Chef Thai Fusion (王泰軒)
115 Times Avenue, Unit B2 & B3, RMH, ON. L3T 0A2
Tel: 905-882-1110

(V) The Montreal Deli & Greek Grill

Toughest question of the week – where to go for Friday lunch. A colleague googled it and someone else randomly picked this one. So here we were. I have been thinking of trying this restaurant for so long. It’s right beside Rex Saigon.

Since it’s called “Montreal Deli”. I tried their smoked meat sandwich. However, we found it’s a bit too salty… not really that good. But I’ll give it another chance. Maybe there’s something else better there.
Montreal Deli 1

Again, took this picture by cell phone. Not bad.

FYI: The Montreal Deli & Greek Grill
115 York Blvd., Unit #7, Richmond Hill, ON.
Tel: 905-886-DELI (3354)

6 thoughts on “Recent Eats (Part 2)

  1. so the one on the right is spicy pork? hmm… is that pasta salad or it’s pasta as sidedish? i see there are fries and rice too…it’s way too much food la… 😛
    the beef (bulgugi) looks pretty good.

    I find the curry at the chef fusion…well…it’s like they just pour it out of a bottle or something. anything beside the curry seems ok…

  2. Yup that’s the spicy pork and the pasta is a sidedish. They asked us what kind of dressing we like for the green salad. Didn’t expect the whole BIG dish of food.

  3. Pasta salad + rice + fries + salad + meat…what a dish! Looks really good, I want to try. Is the owner Korean?

  4. I’m not too sure… I think I overheard Chinese conversation from the staffs, but for the boss – not too sure.

  5. Hey… I actually haven’t seen its ad on Fairchild… seldom watch TV :p Now that you mentioned it I’ll pay attention to it next time 😉

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