Marz’s update…

Here I am in China. Been running errands everyday.

HKG is still as busy and crowded as usual. Haven’t done any shopping yet, and I think I’ll leave that til the end. I feel like a backpacker somehow. Kinda tired, but I’ll try to enjoy my time here.

Will be in Shanghai in a couple of days. It should be fun.

Don’t miss me too much :p
(yah… imagining I’m such a popular person who would be missed.)

Gotta jet. ttul…

Marz, Internet-addict in China

4 thoughts on “Marz’s update…

  1. Grrr… I think blogspot/blogger is blocked in mainland China. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t use the blog space providers and got this hosted. -__-

    Gut Si = ?

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