One of the best gowns that I like… is totally ruined.
I didn’t even take a good picture while wearing it that night.

Deep breath, and sigh.

What has been done, can’t be undone.

找了很久的… 也很喜歡的… 好心疼啊…

眼淚在心裡流 此際 怎麼開口?
前事在心裡飄浮 情意 令人太難受
眼淚在心裡流 請你開一開口
算是問候朋友 離別你
自離別你 心痛苦
比處死更難受 靈魂已失
心彷彿死去 心死問誰可救
眼淚在心裡流 苦痛
問你知否? 情是內心的交流
惟盼望情愛如舊 眼淚在心裡流

琴鍵打開 亦無心奏
我現在似木偶 人像木偶
全忘餓與飽 心中空虛了
眼淚在心裡流 苦痛
問你知否? 情是內心的交流
盼心曲再奏 情是內心的交流

3 thoughts on “Mourning…

  1. Well maybe parts of the gown can be saved and remodeled. Many independent fashion designers can take apart clothing and remodel it into something else or use parts of it. It will not be the same, but if the fabric, memories, sentimental value is important, it may be worth it.
    A long gown can be made shorter, mini-skirt, shift-dress. Sleeved made sleeve-less, strap-less, or the fabrick used to design something new. You would be suprised what can be re-modeled. Lots of shops in Toronto can and do that kind of work.
    Don’t despair 🙂

  2. Yah, It’s the brown/beige one. I know a fashion designer who remake/redesign dresses. Might give that a try.

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