Good Show.

Last night was a good show. Congratulations to KL and LL!

A bit of a sore throat now…
and I know I’m indeed very tired.
But, I can’t sleep @_@
Where has the easy-sleeping marz gone?

6 thoughts on “Good Show.

  1. Hey Marz, thanks for being our MC for our wedding. You and Terry’s hard work made the night SHINE! Also, I’ve received a lot of complements saying that you two are really professional! Honestly, I don’t think any professional MC would have done as good as you two, since you two have the heart, and know both Lulu and I enough to add so much more facets to the show. I just can’t thank you two enough for making our wedding day sooo special!

  2. Hey Kelvin, for friends… no problem at all! It was a really memorable experience planing and MCing the wedding night. I’m glad that everything went well. 🙂 T is a good partner to work with as well.

    MissTCC, thanks for the compliments and picture. I got it from facebook 🙂

    I slept pretty well last night, but seems that I’ve spread the “sleepless virus” to other ppl…

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