Sun’s Kitchen

It was a Friday evening.

It was a Friday evening quite a while ago. I think.

It was a Friday evening when I didn’t really feel like eating. I know.

There are only a few places that I’ve eaten at Pacific Mall. One of them is the Japanese restaurant on the 2nd level; and there’s this one. Outside of this restaurant, you see the noodle being freshly made. With the increasing popularity of processed food and quick/instant/fast food, I start to appreciate the fresh food – especially those that are made from scratch. On a similar theme, I agree with the philosophy of the slow food movement – good, clean and fair food. Everyone wants something quick and cheap and good (well, some just want quick and dirty). I guess today’s relationship isn’t an exception. But can instant loving substitute (slow) love?

Around 8pm, when the mall was closing, we were the last customers. I liked the noodles. They weren’t special. But if I can personify them, I would say these are “honest people”. You feel comfortable staying with them and you can just be yourself.

Noodle 1 Noodle 2

While finishing my last mouth-full of noodle, I saw the staff was looking at us from the noodle place. I got it. He was waiting for the bowls. He tried to look “normal” so we wouldn’t feel pressured. So, I signaled him so he could come collect the bowl before we finished everything including the dessert. I appreciated his considerations.

Noodle 3

Got a take-out menu from there. Surprisingly, they have a website – a pretty nice website for such a small store. I didn’t expect that.

FYI: Sun’s Kitchen

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  1. There is a new place in Metro Square serving north-western Chinese food. Give their home made noodles a try! Other food is very interesting too, especially if you like spicy and lamb.

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