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Another crazily overdue post… The other night (I consider 2-3 weeks timeframe to be quite recent), I had a gathering with 2 girl friends of mine. One just got back from her trip and the other one is enjoying her timeout from work. We went to Green Grotto again. I find that place much busier these days. A lot of people go there. To me, it’s a pretty nice place for gathering since it’s about the mid point of everyone’s home.

This gathering reminded us of our last gathering… can’t really remember when that was. It’s always hard for all of us to get together because of our work/life schedules.

Last gathering (which might be around early this year), we went to La Cafe Michi. However, for some reasons I thought the place this time wasn’t as good as the first time I went. The feeling was different although… the food might be the same. Here’s what we ordered:

Premium sushi set… same thing that I ordered the first time I went there.
It was good.
Cafe Michi 1

A beef donburi. Good for sharing as well since I don’t think any of us ladies would want to finish the whole bowl.
Cafe Michi 2

Forgot the name of this. There were three layers. First, chicken fried.
Cafe Michi 3

Second, sashimi.
Cafe Michi 4

Bottom level, rice with unagi.
Cafe Michi 5

Finally, we got 3 pieces of cakes (half of the normal size – good size since we were quite stuffed after the main course.)
Cafe Michi 6

Girls night out. It’s good to my girl friends.

FYI: Le Cafe Michi
1802 Pharmacy Avenue Scarborough, ON.
Tel: 416-490-9688

4 thoughts on “Le Cafe Michi 2

  1. I like this place, because their food is much more closer to real japanese food than most other “japanese restaurant”.
    but the sushi/sashimi section was more like a western style, last time I had a combo, which has a starter sashimi with some foam, and some salad green on the bottom. and then a “tower” just like the ones you have, and then something else that i can’t remember any more. (that was some time last year!)
    I still wanna try their $30 bowl of Salmon Roe & Rice, or the Uni Donburi.

  2. Yah… Overall this place is quite authentic. I had a small version (sampler) of the slamon roe & rice last time and I liked it 🙂

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