JP 2 – Closed

We were going to have lunch @ JP2 yesterday.
However, we found out this place has been closed down.
Here’re some picture I took last time I went.
It’s a long overdue post.

It was a nice visit. There weren’t a lot of people there on a Friday night – I guess that’s the problem. It’s a Chinese-run restaurant, which is a bit rare given all the other restaurants in that area are western, some are even chains.

A look inside the restaurant… there’s a computer where customers can play the songs they like, and go online.
JP2 Oysters 2

JP2 Oysters 1

Bread and butter…
JP2 Oysters 3

Angel hair pasta w/ Clam. It was pretty good.
JP2 Oysters 4

I love oysters… I know they have the fresh oyster promotion during the weeknights. Too bad, I haven’t had a chance to try that and it’s now closed.
JP2 Oysters 5

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