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Quite a while ago, I wrote about Phoenix Restaurant (金鳳餐廳) located on Raymerville Drive, Markham. The first time I went, there was another restaurant next to it. However, there were only a few tables of patrons in there at that time. After that, I’ve been going back to Phoenix a few more times. One time, the lady there gave me both Phoenix’s and Mumz’s take-out menus. That in a way implied that these two restaurants are somehow related – maybe under the same ownership? There’re certainly similarities between them – in terms of the ingredients of food. However, Mumz is definitely more classy-looking.

Last weekend, when we came back again, and decided to give this restaurant a try. The restaurant looked the same, however this time it was a fullhouse plus lineups outside.

Mumz 1

Without waiting, since they had a 2-person table, we were brought to a table near the cashier/counter. Looking at the colorful menu with all kinds of curry/satay, etc. plates, I was overwhelmed. However, since I did’t feel like having something too strong of taste, the decisions weren’t quite as difficult to make.

Mumz 2

Before we ordered, they gave us this snack… Something like shrimp chips + peanut dipping. I find that it’s becoming more and more popular for restaurants to give away some free snacks/appetizers before the meals these days.

Mumz 3

Felt like something light and something “nourishing”… we ordered this “crab meat and sweet corn soup”. Small size: $6.75. I love sweet corn soup~

Mumz 4

Appetizer… Satay – Grilled marinated chicken on skewer with peanut dipping sauce. $8.50. It was ok.

Mumz 5

Really wanted something with soup… So I ordered the traditional laksa – Thick yellow noodle & vermicelli in spicy coconut curry broth w/ shredded chicken, fishball & bean curd. $6.50.

Mumz 6

Finally, finished the dinner with this sticky rice with mango… there’s a dried rose bud in the middle. $4.45.

Mumz 7

Overall, Mumz was a pretty good. I mean, good customer service (with smile and good attitude – after we paid for the meal, I was afraid that we were takng up the spot and wanted to leave, but they told us not to hurry). Also, the price point was good – the most expensive plate was slightly less than $15 (e.g. Oyster curry, Thai curry roast duck w/ lychee, etc.). However, what I found was that the food that I ordered was a bit “plain/bland”. Although that was what I wanted – something that didn’t taste very strong, I found the chicken skewer could be marinated better/more. The laksa could be spicier. Given another chance, I’d try some of their other dishes.

FYI: Mumz Delicacies 文東廚房
1 Raymerville Dr., Unit 9, Markham
Tel: 905-471-0001

14 thoughts on “Mumz Delicacies 文東廚房

  1. I agree with you totally, the food there is quite bland. It’s not like the food is bad, it’s just that you won’t be leaving the restaurant feeling you had a great meal.

  2. I always pass by the place but rarely go in cause there are usually not that many ppl in there… so just sticked to the 金鳳餐廳… u always go around to eat don’t you… haha… great to have someone on the lookout for good food.

  3. Hey Joseph~ Yah, I do eat out quite often – which might not be that good… you know those MSG, etc. But I do enjoy trying different restaurants.

  4. Yeah, I tried the place too it was quite bland I prefer California Thai at Markville personally it’s around the same price point. The service is better and they don’t use MSG.

  5. I tried Mumz couple times. The good thingz about them is they have good service. Everytime i go there they have somethingz new on the board outside.
    I don’t think they use as much as MSG as California Thai.
    I love there desserts. Exp. they Fruit Jelly. You guyz should go try sometimes.
    Overall, Wonderful Service, Professional food, with reasonable price!

  6. I have to disagree with Kelly. I went there after they plastered 4 flyers on my windshield at Markville Mall and it was quite terrible not sure which was worse the food or service they seem to be trying to copy California Thai with their presentations but they don’t have same quality and service down yet. When I finished my meal they just dropped the bill off and I didn’t even request for it and I’m pretty sure they weren’t closing cause it was only 6pm and there was quite a few empty spaces too. California Thai is a much better experience go there.

  7. Good to see different points of view here! I think one of the biggest challenges that most restaurants face is how to provide consistent good quality for their customers – food and services alike.

  8. haha , new reader here .

    I always go to phoenix and mumz, since it’s close to where I live, VERY close to where my parents work+ near my highschool .
    I prefer phoenix more , and yeah, they’re both owned by the same people.

    Actually, I think the pricing in Mumz is pretty high, in comparison to other restaurants, but they have some unique food.

  9. Yay new reader 🙂 Yup. Phoenix opened up another location on Woodbine as well… but haven’t tried it. Actually I haven’t been to those two restaurants lately… wonder how they are now.

  10. I haven’t heard about there pest problem but I definately saw something crawling 🙁

  11. Well, I’ve tried going to Mumz a few times. I found the experience quite refreshing actually–for one, their service is good, as well as the presentation of the food (at least they garnish their noodles with a little parsley and herb). To compare it with 金鳳, I would personally say that I think their quality is on a higher scale. Perhaps it was because I went to Pheonix at the wrong time.. i don’t know, but compared to two years ago, their food isn’t quite up to par as it used to be. If you go to Mumz, definitely try out their desserts.

    Maybe I’ll give Pheonix a try another time.

  12. hi wendy! thx for your comment… too bad I’m not in Toronto, or else I could visit Mumz again and see how I find it now. 🙂

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