UK chapter 2

Settled down in London – It was very nice of EC and her hubby to provide G and me with a place to stay so we didn’t have to look for a hotel. The next day after their wedding… we went to Brighton, a city on the south coast of England.

Walking down the street to the train station. We saw this “Ship of Fools”… what an interesting name!

East Croydon... on the street

Arrived at the train station and took a picture. During this trip we have almost travelled on all types of trains. There are so many different ways that you can get to a destination. Depends on the train company, the train might be a fast one, might be a slow one; might be a cheap one, or might cost a fortune; the route may vary as well. The whole system was just so complicated and foreign to me. Depends on your luck – if your train manager is helpful + knowledgeable, s/he can save you a lot of time and money.

Train station

Stepped out of the Brighton station, this is the first scene that I saw. It has all the UK elements in it – the type of building, the bus, the taxi, the not-too-sunny sky and well… a image of a cool guy too. LOL.

First step out of Brighton station

Walking down the street… We see rows of colorful houses. I love the spectrum of colors. These houses are lovely.

Colorful houses in Brighton

Snapshot of the painting on the wall…

Paintings on the wall

An interesting restaurant… MOooo – didn’t get to try it though.


Went to the Oxfam shop. It feels great when you can treasure hunt and support a great cause at the same time! There I found 2 lovely vinyl records, including the Love Story Original Soundtrack, 33 1/2 RPM, made in England in 1971 (selling @ 2.99!!!). I’m lovin it! Gotta play it on my old player…

Oxfus - got 2 vinyl there

Church… Can’t remember the name.


Royal Pavilion – landmark of Brighton.

Brighton - Pavilion

While we were in Brighton, we saw a lot of cyclers. These people travelled from London to Brighton on bicycles! On ther other hand, we saw these two cool bikes! The graphics are cool – although a bit bloody.


Brighton Pier – It was a bit cold that day especially we were near the sea.

Brighton Pier

So, we had a ham and cheese crepe for snack, but I’d say the crepe we have here is better. (EC and G, I gotta show you around next time you come to Toronto!)


Looking at the beach, walking on the pier. Just wander around… do nothing. It’s good to stay away from the computer for 10 days. Some of you wonder how I’m like in person. I don’t know. Maybe more geeky than the average female?

Brighton beach

While walking on the pier, we saw this little tarot place (a booth out of nowhere). On the board it says “Take a Break”. We all need a break once in a while to rethink and reposition, don’t we? I guess… tarot may just be one way to sort things out? Can’t remember how much it costs for 1 read.

Take a break = Tarot ?

This picture was taken by G. Very good one. Emergency stop for a merry-go-around. You just can’t be too merry.

Emergency stop on a merry-go-around

Dinner time… It was Father’s day that day. I’m not a good daughter… never really celebrate that with my father. We came across this restaurant, Pablo’s. Their 3-course meal for 5.99 seemed to be a very good deal. So, here we go!

Dinner time...

There were many choices for starter, main and dessert.

Dinner @ Pablo's

EC chose the shrimp cocktail – didn’t try it, but it looked good taking the price and everything into account.


I had a soup. It was ok.


Porkloin – smaller portion than expected. The taste was pretty good.


Finally I got an ice-cream for dessert. Quite full and satisfied after a long day.


The 3-course meal reminded us of the old days when we were in HK. I seldom see these kinds of set-lunch/dinner in western restaurants in Toronto (same for Auz), and we were wondering if the 3-course meal in HK was originated from the UK. Going to UK… somehow was like going to HK. Seriously, I could imaging if I were a British person and visiting HK, I’d be feeling so “at home”.

3 thoughts on “UK chapter 2

  1. hey marz, nice pics from england! yah.. even the blue road signs are the same ones in HK.. haha..

    are ya ready to be the mc for kel&luzia’s wedding?

    they got u the celeb to be their mc.. so awesome! i will see ya there next month..

    can i reserve u to be my mc tooo ? 😛

  2. Thanks for dropping by my site as well. 🙂 I found yours thru a web search on Oxfam Bookshop.

    Anyway, I’m non-native English speaker as well, a transplant to the States from HK. Writing is my passion. Language always fascinates me in the way words and sentences snap into place.

    Btw nice pictures…that pork loin looks delicious!

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