After a week, I think I’m finally recovered from the “post-vacation syndrome”. 1 week vacation = 1 week it took me to recover and get back into the working mode. Everything’s been a bit chaotic since I came back. I was pushed to the edge on Friday and the “nice-marz” was quite pissed. I think it’s quite an uneasy task to piss off marz, but yah they managed to do that. Listen, DON’T push me again.

Forget about work. It’s the Canada Day long weekend. I went on a 2-day trip to Sandbanks in the Prince Edward County, a place that’s about 220km east of Toronto. It’s quite easy to get to the Sandbanks – we drove on 401 east, exited @ Wooler Road south, then took the Loyalist Parkway (33) and then headed south on Route (12) to the West Lake. The only problem was that we weren’t too sure about where the beach is. (gosh – that’s the main problem.) So we drove to the East Lake and found out that the beach was actually on West Lake near the Route (12) – remember that if you’re going there next time. On route (12), there is a cross road and you’d see a lot of signs, but NONE of them point you to the beaches… that was where we got lost. There was also a place (outdoor booth) that sells some fruits at that intersection. When we got it right the 2nd time, we bought some cherries from there – they were damn SWEET! I loved it!

Got to the beach around 4pm and the sky was a bit cloudy. Luckily it didn’t rain until around 6:30-7pm. Tanned a bit although I’d like to get more. The beach was pretty nice – not as busy as Wasaga. The sand was soft and quite clean. (However, some people may think it’s Lake Ontario – How clean can it be?) It was pretty good – just too cold to get in the water… GRRRRRR. Is it just me or what… I think it was still a bit too cold when the sun wasn’t there.

Since it was a last minute decision to go on this 2-day trip. Everywhere was fully booked. The closest accomodation we could get was in Belleville, which is north of Sandbanks. The Holiday Inn Express in Belleville was a really new and nice place to stay. The night shift staff was very friendly and helpful. With the indoor pool, it made up the swimming part for me. Breakfast was also included. Overall, I was satisfied.

If you’re an outdoor person, you’ve probably heard of Sandbanks. If you haven’t been there and you’re tired of the Wasaga beaches and the parks up north, you can give this one a try. There are areas for diving, birding, camping, fishing… and some wineries. There is also a place in a nearby town, Bloomfield (30 min. south of Belleville), that seems to be quite well-known:
Angeline’s Restaurant/Inn/Spa
433 Main Street, Bloomfield, K0K 1G0
Tel: 613-393-3301; 1877-391-3301
Spa direct: 613-393-1408; 1866-393-1408
Click here for an article that is somewhat related to Angeline’s.

Also check out their Overnight Dining Package – it seems to be a pretty good deal.
Small bottle of champagne at check in; Room (choice of room with 1 or 2 beds); 3 course meal of our dining room menu (free choice of menu); Full breakfast; Free use of hot tub and steam room
Price per couple is $225.00 – includes taxes and gratuity

Other things to do… P.E.C. Wine & Culinary Tours.

It’s been a good relaxing weekend so far. On the road, the sky was bright, the trees were tall, the highway was wide. This is Canada. Happy Birthday Canada!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY CANADA DAY

  1. Hey Marz,
    Glad to hear you had a good time out there. Havn’t been there for so long…used to stay in the town of Wellington.
    Update that resume and see some headhunters…

  2. ….the town was called Picton not Wellington, I’m getting old. 😛
    Happy Canada Day

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