Thoughts… and lots of thoughts

It still feels like a dream to me. From the moment I got the short notice from my friend to the day I got back to T.O., it’s only been about a month. The trip was great! I am happy that I could see both of my best girl friends from HS again.

From our 10-days trip, both GL and I love and hate London.
We Love…
London is dynamic, compared to a lot of the other European cities.
London’s historic background, architecture, literature, musical – everything seems to be so cultured and rich. It is a privilege to be able to stand in front of all the masterpieces.

We Hate…
London’s weather is miserable – you gotta bring an umbrella with you everytime you go out. The sky can change from bright sunny to rain-pouring within 15 minutes.
London’s air is much more polluted than Toronto. (I find the air condition there similar to the one in HK)
London’s transportation system (especially train) is quite complex. A lot of the time it depends on your luck. If the manager on your train happen to be knowledgeable, then you can probably get a fair-priced ticket (to areas outside of London). If not, good luck.
London people – are less friendly and maybe less polite (that feeling was especially strong when I first got back to T.O. and went to the stores here)
Sadly…London’s also an expensive city to live in – you see the same price on the price tag (as is in Canadian), but the currency is in Sterling. Implication: Good food costs much more!

*Thoughts to be continued*

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