Yes, I love all day breakfast… who doesn’t? Some may be think it’s not filling enough… but I don’t agree… a lot of the items on the menu are huge! I like all day breakfast because it makes me feel like I just got out of bed in the afternoon (even though I might have been working for the whole morning).

Cora’s (markham location) has been opened for quite a while, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out until last week. Went there with S.AY for friday lunch. I’ve heard about some negative experience with this restaurant from a friend, but I still wanted to go try it out… (yah… you gotta take the risk when eating with me, and if it’s not good, don’t blame me :p)

Cora 1

Friday around 1pm, the place was really busy. The restaurant was really colorful inside. Colorful in a way that I think all babies would love this place (because of all the stimuli they will get from looking at different bright colors).

Cora 2

S.AY ordered the Cora’s breakfast – can’t remember the name… I tried the bacon – but from this look and S.AY’s look on that day –> this wasn’t that great. I think this is also what my other friend had before.

Cora 3

Toasts… with different jams.

Cora 4

I ordered a “crepe-omelet” – I like it! Crepe with Omelet. 🙂

OK… I’ll continue with other posts… gotta get on the plane soon~

FYI: Chez Cora/Cora’s
See website for various locations.

4 thoughts on “Cora’s

  1. I guess they had the worst dish in Cora’s?
    should go for something with tons of fresh fruit or something colorful/cheerful? egg benedict combo (or something with egg benedict) would be a good choice. their pancake is great~
    speaking from my one time experience in Ottawa back in 2004.

  2. hey marz,

    since my frd brought me here abt 1.5 yrs ago, i check out yr blog pretty frequently, lol~ i actually lived in toronto b4 but now working in hk. i really enjoy reading yr journal, it reminds me of my hey day in toronto.

    i m also a breakfast person, but not many great places here in hk serving all day breakfast, plus its quite costly~

    check out my blog sometimes la~

    btw the crepe omelet looks cool!



  3. hey fun, thx for dropping by! just checked out your blog 🙂 i gotta check it out more when i’m back in t.o. have fun in HK too!

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