100% Korean 韓國小吃

100% Korean 3One weekend, had a gathering with friend… first place came to mind was this Korean restaurant, recommended by FH and JW (where are you J? are you still in town? ahhh I’m leaving T.O. tonight and don’t know if I can see you when I’m back.)

Menu with prices.
100% Korean 1100% Korean 2

The HOUSE SPECIALS menu board… It was proven to be very effective. We ordered the short ribs, seafood pizza and stir-fried hot rice cake from this menu.
100% Korean 5

Side dishes – quite a wide variety – I love it.
100% Korean 7100% Korean 8

HOT rice cakes – yah… I love it. It’s a very good appetizer (while waiting for the late-comers).
100% Korean 4

Seafood pizza/pancake – it’s quite good – but not spectacular.
100% Korean 9

Short Rib – 1 order. Normal.
100% Korean 6

Tofu bowl. I like to have this with rice. I’d like it to be a bit more spicy though.
100% Korean 10

“Farm mixed rice” – straight translation from a menu that they posted on the wall. You get to mix this with two different types of sauce.
100% Korean 11

Pork bone soup – would not recommend it though. It was so-so.
100% Korean 12

Hungryman’s Bibimbap.
100% Korean 13

100% Korean 14Overall, I like the restaurant. The food there was pretty good overall. Price was reasonable – 7 people with all these – total price (after T&T) was $11. The service was ok. The old man there could speak some mandarin… I wonder if he’s Korean though… You know some old Korean people can speak mandarin. Due to the time constraints, I can’t go into too much detail (ahhh… I just wanna post the pictures before the new ones – from London trip – comes in.) Yah, I would say, you can give this place a try. It was around 7:30pm when we were there, and it was a fullhouse.

FYI: 100% Korean 韓國小吃
111 Ravel Road, North York, ON., M2H 1T1 (利是商場內)

2 thoughts on “100% Korean 韓國小吃

  1. Price seems ok. i like the sweet bean (the one on the lower right hand corner) side dish.
    the HOT rice cake seems to have too much water/sauce? should be thicker?

    well..it seems to be just “OK”…may be try the one in the same plaza? 大長今…i heard it’s pretty good. (haven’t been to either one)

    I would go to Yonge street for Korean food if I don’t wanna go Korean town. or the food court in Galleria (Korean supermarket on Yonge) was OK too~

  2. I tried 大長今 but then the price is much higher if you are going there for dinner. Lunch was ok. Overall the taste was good.

    BTW, I love the sweet beans – that’s why when I took this picture a lot of the beans were gone lol.

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