Do you want a puppy?

Please feel free to contact me if you or your friend is interested. I will give you the owner’s contact info. Hope the puppy can have a new owner soon 🙂 Below is the descriptions from the owner.

Puppy 1Name: Cosmo
Breed: Jack Russell/Miniature Poodle mix
Age: 8 months
Height: approx. 1.5 ft
Length: approx. 2.5 ft
Health: Good
Neutered: Yes
Vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Adeno-Flu, Parvovirus, treated with Advantage flea treatment from Toronto Humane Society

Puppy 2

Summary: Good temperament and health, good for first time dog owners, does not bark at people

Needs: further crate training, basic puppy training (e.g. sit, come, stay)–Cosmo’s starting to grasp the command “sit” 🙂

PLEASE CONTACT by JUNE 20, 2007. Otherwise, Cosmo will be surrendered to the Humane Society…again.

Puppy 5

Cosmo was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society recently. He ended up there initially because his previous owner was allergic to him. Therefore, Cosmo was kept outdoors. Ideally, dogs should be kept indoors though due to various weather conditions. We have had Cosmo for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, due to parents’ objections we are unable to have Cosmo stay with us.

Puppy 4

He has a wonderful temperament and loves being around people. Due to the Jack Russell in him, he can be rather energetic at times. If you’re an active person, you’ll like having walks with Cosmo because he enjoys the outdoors and exercise. According to a Canine Services Coordinator at the Humane Society, Cosmo would be a good dog for a first time dog owner.

He has a clean bill of health, good around people and children (i.e. does not bark at them). I would suggest that Cosmo join a home that has older children instead of younger ones though. He’s still considered a puppy and should attend puppy training classes because he has a tendency to jump when excited. In addition, he should receive crate training. He has been doing well at our home and we hope to find a better caring home for him.

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