Green Grotto Tea Room 綠的小窩

When you are really tired, I mean, mentally tired, what would you do?

Some people hang out with friends, some people go clubbing, Karaoke, some people just chill at home, do nothing. Some people may turn on the TV and keep switching channels. Some people may rather go to sleep.

When I’m mentally tired and do not feel like going home, I usually like to go to tea place and read some magazines. Not necessary go with friends. Just go there, have a drink and spend some time alone. In that sense, I would say I’m sometimes an introvert. I’m thinking – the fact that I seem to be better expressing feeling/relieving stress through typing/writing may imply that I’m not really good at communicating with people, talking to people.

I like to read but, like most of us, do not have the luxury to do that for leisure often. Everyday I read because I have to read. The materials may be related to motherboard, chipsets, or all sorts of satisfaction/efficiency ratings. Days after days, we all feel drained and dry. I’m sure those of you who are studying for exams would feel the same way as well. Studying is no longer limited to those who are in school. I’ve seen many friends in libraries studying for the June 2 CFA exam.

I used to frequent Go4Tea in Richmond Hill because it is close by where I work and you can find some up-to-date gossip magazines there. However, I find the service there was not satisfactory sometimes; especially servers’ attention is usually paid to the tables with more than 1 person.

Yesterday, I went to T&T @ Warden and Steeles. The place is always busy. In that same area, there used to be a place where you can read magazines and novels. It was called (No. 8 Bookstore – a straight translation from its Chinese name). However, that store was closed in less than a year (I think). Now, a new tea place opened up at the exact same location. If you’ve been living in Toronto since mid-90’s or so, you should remember that “綠的小窩”, the first bubble tea place in Toronto located near Finch and Yonge.

Green Grotto 8

Yes, this place is the same as that one on Yonge. The exact same name – and that is why I haven’t visited this place until yesterday. Looking for a place to chill and not wanting to go to Go4Tea, I gave this place a try.

Green Grotto 6

Check in time: ~ 9:00pm

Stepped inside, the first impression was totally different from what I expected. With songs like “The Girl From Ipanema” and the Jazz music, as well as the internal decor that’s different from the usual bubble tea place, I was surprised. Another essential touch was the types of magazines they carry. From the usual Japanese fashion magazines to the ones that embrace creativity (e.g. ppaper and AANGEL). There are also some other cool magazines related to FOOD and architecture.

Green Grotto 7

Read more about the background of ppaper and AANGEL (in Chinese).

Around 7:30ish 8pm, there were 2 ladies sitting near the entrance on the red sofas, chatting. I thought, this is a good place for ladies. Another thought… should I blog about this place or not? I would like to keep this as one of “my places”, but at the same time I wanted to share with others. Anyhow, I guess, I’m not that influential after all. LOL

Green Grotto 3

There were some people coming in and out for takeout, and some came for a drink and stayed for an hour or so. Overall, the place was not very busy (remember – it was a Monday night).

Laid back @ the black sofa at the back… took some pictures.
Green Grotto 4

Oh, while talking about everything else, I almost forgot about the bottom line (drink + $). I loved the drink that I got (mandarin orange/lime juice + coconut jelly) and they also have pretty good hot tea. The price was average. So, no worries.

Green Grotto 5

It was a pleasant stay.

Green Grotto 2

Check out time: ~ 12:30pm

Green Grotto 1FYI: Green Grotto Tea Room 綠的小窩
7030 Warden Avenue, Unit D2
Tel: 905-300-2578
Open: Mon-Thur 12pm-1am; Fri 12pm-2am; Sat 2pm-2am; Sun & Public Holidays 2pm-1am
Wireless Internet access available.

10 thoughts on “Green Grotto Tea Room 綠的小窩

  1. well…the first location for 綠的小窩, was actually located at south of Sheppard Ave. on Yonge street. near 401. (now the place become 古都魯味)
    it actually closed for awhile then re-open near finch. and then it closed again! and finally re-open here in this location.

    I always wanted to try it, may be I should go get some food there sometime.

  2. Wow! You must have been in Toronto for a long time! I could only recall the one near Finch/Yonge. Not too sure about the food at this location. I tried the one on Finch/Yonge, but didn’t have a strong impression.

    Sometimes, I find also depends on your mood and the time/day you go… Give it a try 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info…I never thought that bubble tea place is this nice.

    I am sick of all the china/hk/taiwan pop…The Girl From Ipanema???

    I am going to try that place. Thanks!

  4. Better not set your expectation that high. 😉 I just bumped into this place by accident… but yah, I loved their music and the whole feeling. Hope you’ll like it.

  5. hey guys, i think the 1st (or maybe 2nd) 綠的小窩 was in Mississauga, located on Hwy10 and 401.. i lived around there back then~

  6. hey guys, we are the grotto monsters, the owners at the green grotto tea room, 蛋治 is right, the first one was actually on Yonge near Sheppard, it was the first in Toronto, opened in 1993. We then moved to Yonge & Finch, it was our prime location for years, we did branched out to Mississauga. didn’t do too well, we closed it down. after restructuring, we are here now at warden & steeles, this is taking shape to be a whole new ball game for us, we want to bring in innovative ideas about tea shops here in TO, as we have done bringing in bbt in toronto. we want to localize the experience this time around. we want out place to be not just a tea shop, therefore in the future we will be bringing event nights like acoutic music nights where there will be local asian talent peformances featuring their own work. and we fill feature new monthly specials that aren’t on the regular menus (possibloy anywhere else in TO), so your experience here will be equally ejoyable, yet different everytime! for more updates on specials and events, please visit our space :, please excuse the appearance as we’re stil figuring this whole blog thing! cheers~~~

  7. Yo “Grotto monsters” – thx for the comment and clarifications. I enjoyed my visits. Just got back from UK and saw this comment in the queue. I’ll definitely check out your space.

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