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Yes, I’ll be going to London for the third time in my life. The first time – I was 5. Since my parents seem to think that I can still remember what I did and where I went when I was 5, I’ll count that in. Second time was in 2000, technically I went there to work although I know many girls would die for that job. That was also the time when I started to appreciate all the western-style desserts.

So, I’ll be going… it seems so unreal to me still. The whole idea came up when I got a short notice from my good friend in UK that she’s going to get married in mid-June. Then… after all the vacation arrangment at work and flight hunting… Finally today I booked my ticket. It seems that Zoom Airlines provides pretty good value. Most of their flights are between Canada, US, UK and France. After comparing all the airlines and flights, I’ve decided to go with this. I’ll let you know how that goes when I come back. (I’ll be in UK between Jun 15 – 24)

I know I’ll be (more) broke after June. However, please let me know if you know any good stuffs that I should buy from UK. e.g. Brands that are selling cheaper in UK (I doubt it though… London is just an expensive city). Any cosmetics, clothings, bags, accessories, etc. as well as good food.

OK. (sigh) gotta go back to reality now. Still have lots of hurdles to go through. Wish me good luck.

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  1. Marz…can i ask you Q’s on your trip after u get back from London? I will be heading there this september (my first time) and would like to ask some Q’s like sights to see and transportation and most important is what good food to eat and try. I hope you dont mind 🙂

  2. Hi Janusngo,

    No problem at all~ I’ve bought a lonely planet guide. Spent 2 hours wandering in Chapters and I like this book the best. Plus, it is small enough to carry around, very up-to-date – just printed in May 2007.

    I will for sure post the highlights here when I’m back.

    BTW, this is the book I ordered from It’s selling for almost $15 + 14% tax in Chapters, but if you order from, it’s $10.91 + 1 tax.

  3. Haha. You can always checkout the local bookstores first. I just got their delivery confirmation, yah! I’ll get my books in a few days.

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