One afternoon

Life has been crazily busy lately. I think it’s mainly because of work. Driving home this evening… I don’t know how many nights I’ve been going home late now. I’ve lost count. Yah, sometimes 8pm, sometimes 9pm, sometimes 10pm. Those of you who are auditors… you might think that’s nothing. Feeling tired. Sore shoulders.

I’ve actually been to a couple of places lately, but still haven’t got a chance to write up the post. Last Saturday, I finished my 5K run – THANK YOU: those of you who have sponsored me and donated to the York Hospital. I finished the run/walk in about 40min. I know I didn’t try my best, but at least I’ve finished it. So it’s all good. Then Tuesday night, what I tried really hard was in the first soccer game that I’ve ever played. Gosh, I can feel the pain now.

Took a picture on Saturday. After the run, I ate something. Lying in the car, I took out my camera (point and shoot one) and took this picture. Looking at this scene, I was so calm. So, wanna share with you guys.

After my 5K run

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