Science Behind Women’s Intuition

Saw this on the April FitnessRx magazine and find it quite interesting 😉

Women use facial cues to assess whether they want a man for short-term or a long-term relationship. Two studies showed that women linked softer features in men with better nurturing and parenting skills and sharper, more masculine features with risk taking and virility. Woman have a remarkable ability to determine sexuality and nuturing capacity just by looking at a man’s face. For short-term flings women liked masculine-looking men with prominent features, thinner lips and heavy beards. These men turned out to have the highest testosterone levels. For marriage, most women were drawn toward men with more feminine faces who they thought were interested in children. The research affirmed that these men expressed greater interest in children. Other studies found that time of the month affects sexuality. Women prefer more masculine-looking men when they’re ovulating, but more feminine-looking men during less fertile times, because they’re viewed as kinder and more cooperative. The studies demonstrated a biological basis for “love at first sight.”

(Proceedings Royal Society Biological Sciences, 273: 2169-2175, 2006; Personal Relationships, 13: 451-463, 2006)

Here is another article (7 pages in total):
Are You Raising Another Man’s Child? (by Men’s Health)

I think it’s a good article. Such a dilemma – what would you do if you found out that child was not your biological child after many years? But one thing for sure, I don’t think I can do that to a person. If it was impossible to form a family with the biological father of the child, it’d be either abortion, me raising the child myself, or letting the potential stepdad know about the truth.

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