Fondue Night

Apple pie for dessert tonightDespite all the bitching and complaining about how hectic life has been, you just gotta make time for your friends, and give yourself a moment to breath. Last weekend, we had a fondue night at one of the friend’s place. Originally, I wasn’t too sure if the fondue alone would be enough for dinner. After that night, I know I was wrong! We couldn’t even finish all the food.

Fresh and Yummy

Around 7:30pm, we came to JW’s house, some ppl were already there cutting up veggies and bread, preparing for the dipping. Then we started working on the cheese fondue using mainly cheese and white wine. I’ll put up the recipe later. With a few trials, the cheese was all melted. We followed the recipe, which says we should add flour to the cheese, but it turned out that using cheese alone would work even better. We’ll try that next time.

Melting fondue

For the veggie, we used the usual veggie dip. But the belly peppers were so fresh and tasty. They were just lovely! Couldn’t stop eating them. For the cheese, the bread was the best complement. We used sourdough and pumpernickel.

And of course, for the dessert we had the chocolate fondue! All kinds of fruits go well with this. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate and fruits! Strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, even oranges and apples. Yum! The chocolate doesn’t look very smooth in this picture, but it was very smooth when it was first made.


Finally, we had the fuji apple pie that I got from J-town. It was pretty good! I wanted to get the tofu cheesecake but since we were having cheese fondue, I’d leave that til next time.

Apple Pie

We also had board game, Therapy, which was fun. Learning while playing. The psychology people would love this game.

Let's Play!

Again, good time!

Good time!

4 thoughts on “Fondue Night

  1. Nice.
    well, I always wanted to try the apple pie at J-Town.
    the Tofu Cheese cake, quite plain, but i like it~

    that picture of J-Town, making it looks like a factory. haha…

  2. The apple pie was different. I can’t taste the cinnamon, and there wasn’t a lot of custard that holds the apple pieces. But overall the taste was good. Yah, that picture does make it look like a factory. I didn’t take picture of the counter although I really wanted to. I find the SLR camera always scares people 🙁

  3. random question: can you crack open a raw egg cleanly with one hand?
    I’ve always been impressed by people that can do that. 🙂

  4. haha I like fun random questions~ Not sure if I can do that coz I’ve always used both hands. I’ll try that next time lol.

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