If you had to choose…

Which one of the 5 senses would you forego? and
If you could only keep one, which one would that be?

seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting

Got asked this question at work. Your answer and the reasons are welcome.

9 thoughts on “If you had to choose…

  1. i guess…i can give up smelling? but then food wouldn’t taste the same…
    hmm…smelling…i guess…

    keep only one? at first i thought “hearing”, but then i always ran into people tell me “if you don’t wanna hear, just turn off your ear!”…which is something I can’t do, and so I’m always suffer from it.
    so i guess, eye sight? i don’t know…

  2. I would give up smelling as I figure my taste buds would trigger my memory to know what I was eating, even if in fact the food did not smell that way. For instance, I do not need to smell pizza, KFC, etc, right now to know or remember what is smells like, as the memory of certain scents is ingrained into our memory. New scents I am out of luck.
    I would never give up my eye sight!! It’s so important. I suppose my sense of touch and visual perceptions would be greatly enhanced as all the “noise” would be gone. I would miss the sounds of nature, but I would soon learn to lip read, and reading beautiful written works would become more important.

  3. I would give up smelling, as it can be kind of replaced by tasting.

    i strongly agree how chinese rank the organs on our face: 眼耳口鼻. Eye sight, hearing, tasting (speech), smell….

    Feeling,…hmm….. i think it is as important as eye sight, coz it is the eye of the soul.

  4. For sure SEEING. I think it’s the sense that can get the most information of the surrounding, no comparison. For other senses, you can “see” what it is and “imagine” how it tastes, how it feels and how it sounds. You can do it the other way around but nothing better than actually seeing it. Oh, and you can read.

    And you don’t want to miss those beautiful things in the world…blue sky, sunshine, faces…and movies!

  5. my answers: it took me a long time to think about what I would forego. Then I gave an answer – hearing. It was because at that moment I thought that if I could block away all the words I don’t wanna hear, all the quarrel, that would be nice. But of course at the same time, I would miss all the good music. Most of the people answered smelling – second thought, I would pick that too.
    If I could only keep 1 sense, I’d choose feeling since that has the largest impact if I lost it, and I need to feel it when I’m hugging someone or being hugged.

  6. Smelling is the easy way out =P
    I’ve gotta pick it as well because I could adapt with my other senses ;).

  7. Hey Marg! What an interesting question…initially I thought I’ll choose to keep eyesight and forego the rest, simply b/c i want to see what’s going on around the world and be part of it…but then I thought…if i can only see and not able to hear…the world has suddenly become quiet and i’m no different from an outsider. I might as well get to hear all the noises, feel involved and create the images in my head. Tough question!!

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