Les Fougères Pizzas!

Last Thursday, Blackice brought me the pizzas from Ottawa. (Thanks! :D) Originally, we wanted to get the “Duck confit with pears, spinach and goat’s cheese” and the “Stilton, fig, caramelized red onion and rosemary”. Maybe it was because of the long weekend, a lot of the pizzas were sold out but luckily he managed to get two. Yay! So I shared them with some friends on last Saturday night. (Good food are to be shared!)

I took a few pictures of the frozen versions so that you can compare and contrast before and after.
Les Fougeres 1

The one on the right is Wild mushroom pizza with chevre & cranberries, and the one one the left is Strawberry (Yes! It’s strawberry), gorgonzola and pancetta. I couldn’t wait til Saturday to come. Actually Blackice even said I could cook it right away on Thursday night for late night snack! (Wow! I think if I’d gain 1 lb just from that.)

Close-up of the Wild mushroom pizza – If you click and see the detail ingredients (cream cheese, wild mushrooms, chèvre, cranberries, garlic, spices)
Les Fougeres 3

Close-up of the Strawberry, Gorgonzola & pancetta pizza – ingredients (strawberry, gorgonzola, red onions, olive oil, pistachios, balsamic vinegar, spices)
Les Fougeres 2

Saturday night. When I took out the two pizzas, we were kinda excited about how they would taste like, especially the strawberry one. We baked the wild mushroom one first.
Les Fougeres 4

The wild mushroom pizza was really good! The funny thing was that there were some black fungus (木耳) which we usually used in Chinese dishes + the cranberries looks like red dates from far away. Everything together looks like a Chinese pizza. The taste? It was REALLY good! I would say it was a good combination of all ingredients. By the way, I was using the new camera… so please pardon my “focus” – I’m still practising. -_-
Les Fougeres 5

The strawberry one was pretty good too! But somehow the taste reminds me of a kind of Chinese preserved ham (金華火腿). I could hardly taste the strawberry because of the bacon and the strong taste of gorgonzola. I like both pizzas, but if I had to choose, I like the first one better.
Les Fougeres 6

It was a pot luck night. Everyone brought in some food. I have never done so much pot luck before. My friend was saying… does that mean that we’re getting old? Maybe…
Les Fougeres 7

Good friends, Pot luck, Wii, TW Mahjong… priceless.
Again, thanks Blackice.

For more info: Les Fougères.

3 thoughts on “Les Fougères Pizzas!

  1. glad u like it. u will love the “duck confit” one sure in this case. also, this is most detail review i ever seem for frozen pizza. ahahah…

    oh, would u pass me some wings from the last photo, please! 😛

  2. Yah! I like the pizzas! Thanks 🙂

    Rick, yup! I got a new camera, but I still like the FX-01 coz it’s a really good snapshot camera. This one is Nikon D80. I hope I can practice and get the most out of it soon!

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