New Seoul House

Went to this Korean restaurant, Seoul House, for the my bday. Yah, I just haven’t been on track since a month ago. 14 of us came to this restaurant located near Yorkdale Mall. It is also very close to the Indoor Beach Volleyball place. That was part of the reason why I chose this restaurant. Still remember, this restaurant was recommended by JK. I’ve been there several times. I may not be the cheapest, but found it good overall. However, I have yet to try their BBQ, which I heard is authentic and a lot of people highly recommended that.

So, they gave us a very long table eh! (Took this picture before everyone came in)
Seoul House 1

While waiting, ordered this seaweed salad. I love it – a bit vinegar-y, and very appetizing. (I always like seaweed)
Seoul House 2

And then there’s the “banchan” – the Korean side dishes – to me, they are the highlight of the Korean meal.
Seoul House 4

Looking at the menu, it took us a long time to figure out what to order, especially we don’t know Korean + some Korean were not totally translated in English. At that moment, I could felt the feeling of westerners in a Chinese restaurant. :S The restaurant offers mainly Korean food, but there are also some Japanese and Chinese dishes. I’m not sure how the Chinese dishes taste since I haven’t tried any of them. So, most of us ordered a meal for themselves + seafood pancake to share. I’ve tried kimchi pancake and seafood pancake at other Korean restaurants and I really liked them.

Not long after we have ordered our food, we were given 3 small dishes of small pancakes and some sauce. We all thought… 2 seafood pancakes for over 10bucks each! Is that it?!
Seoul House 3

The answer… of course is no. That was just an appetizer. Here’s the actual pancake – already cut into pieces for easy sharing. We ordered two of them. YUMMM.
Seoul House 5

Spicy Squid – not bad.
Seoul House 6

Bibimbap (비빔밥, “mixed rice”) – Tried it before, so I didn’t order it this time.
Seoul House 7

Tofu Stew… ahhh I think this is my new favourite since last time I had the soft tofu stew @ Niagara.
Seoul House 8

Again, Teriyaki Salmon – Very juicy. Gotta finish them early though, otherwise the salmon would stay too long on the hot plate and become overcooked!!
Seoul House 9

Finally, for the meat eaters… beef rib – grilled and marinated in the Korean way. It’s tasty.
Seoul House 10
The service was good. Maybe… a bit slow? Other than that, no complaint.

FYI: New Seoul House
3220 Dufferin St. (at Lawrence Ave. W.), Unit 1A
Tel: 416-782-4405

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