It’s the fifth restaurant that MR and I have tried together (fourth for JK – excl. the JKWB visit). I think it’s been a couple of years since we first started this dining “event” (unintentionally). Everytime, we picked a place at the end of the dinner and tried to schedule the next visit within 3 months. However, we always ended up having the next event in about 6 months :p

Kultura 21

Saturday night, JK and I were on King Street, trying to look for a street parking, but with no luck. Therefore we parked at a parking lot two block west – $7 flat rate. It was a relatively warm night with a bit of breeze, which was good for a short walk.

Kultura 20

Outside the restaurant, there was no logo/sign, but the pink-purple neon light coming from the back of the restaurant hinted that was the place. It was a historical building where the Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery used to be. The ground level was a lounge setting. Then, we went up to the second level, where the main dining place was. Another exmaple of the modern meeting the historic. I’m not sure how the original building looked like, but this place had definitely made good use of the building backbone. We were seated at the back dining area, where there was a high ceiling. Yet, with the touch of drop-down lights and the “lace” patterns on one side of the wall, it did not seem empty at all. I always like that kind of spaciousness.

Kultura 17 Kultura 18

Once seated, we were presented with 3 main menu, 2 cocktail menu and 1 wine menu. Since we were too excited catching up, the server politely came over twice but we were still not ready to order. Great… when we were finally ready, and starving, the server did not come until a bit later. (I was hungry :S)

Kultura 3 Kultura 4

The menu items were not very expensive – ranging from $5 to about $18. However, the dishes were for sharing and all of them were smaller portion (unlike the one main entree that you would typically get in a restaurant). However, it was just right for sharing and tasting, and that was why we were there for. Here are what we ordered:

Tuna Tartare – Three Citrus, White Miso
Kultura 7

10oz Cured Pork Chop – Szechuan Cider, Red Pepper Harissa
Kultura 11

Crispy Thai Tofu – Hoisin, Nam Prik
Kultura 22

Lemon Chicken SchnitzelChipotle, Yogurt
Kultura 10

Toasted Lobster Ravioli – Lobster Saffron Bisque
Kultura 8

8oz. AAA Ribeye – Port Demi, Figs, Cured Onion
Kultura 16

Vegetarian TerrineChevre
Kultura 14

Black Cod – Red Vinegar
Kultura 9

Caribbean Shrimp – Banana, Sambal Oelek
Kultura 15

For the cocktail, we had:
Granny’s Mojito – St. Remy Brandy, Bacardi Big Apple Rum, Fresh Granny Smith, Fuji Apple Juices, Lime, Muddled Mint, Soda
Kultura 6

Cherry and Chocolate – Barcardi Vanilla Rum, Navan Vanilla Cognac, Creme de Cacao, Fresh Sour and Black Cherry Juices, Cream Float
Kultura 12

Citrus Smash – Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, Grand Marnier, Fresh Blood Orange Juice, Muddled Kumquat, Pineapple Pulp, Fresh Lime Juice
Kultura 13

The Rocket – Bacardi “Razz” Rum, Limoncello, Blue Curacao, Fresh Lime Juice
Kultura 5

And also, Tanqueray Gin Tonic (no picture)

Kultura 19

Overall, the atmosphere was causal, chic. The food could reveal the “Kultura” (fusion) of it. Among all the dishes, I liked the Lobster Ravioli and Ribeye the best, but all the other dishes were very good as well. On the top level, there was a private dining room (see below – you can check that out on their website). When I went in that room that night, it was much darker with candles everywhere, giving me a gothic feeling. The washroom was located at the back of the room. The music in there was EXTREMELY loud – you would think you were in a club. Nevertheless, I liked it. The server was polite and helpful. Overall price was about $220 after tax, before gratuity.

Kultura 23

FYI: Kultura
169 King Street East, Toronto, ON. M5A 1J4
Tel: 416-363-9000

10 thoughts on “Kultura

  1. interesting. a bit pricy, but i guess tapas are trendy, so they feel justified in charging that much .. :/

  2. Wow, the review was posted much quicker than anticipated! I feel our dinners are never complete until you provide your commentary (in which you expertly weave together all of our comments throughout dinner). Looking forward to the next dinner!

  3. JK! Yes, it’s faster than the previous ones… For the next one, I’ve checked Lolita’s Lust, but so far haven’t seen a lot of feedback.
    My friend said Azure is good. What do you think?

  4. Perigee is another possibility. This is the place that offers a dessert-tasting menu! But I’m open to anything so let me know what you prefer.

  5. Hey that’s a good one! But… do you wanna try the dinner tasting menu…
    4 course – $95
    5 course – $105
    6 course – $115
    7 course – $125
    15-20 course “taste of perigee” menu*- $225 (includes wines)
    4 course dessert menu – $40

    I heard their desserts are really good! But I don’t think I can do the dessert menu after the dinner menu. >_< I would say... try their dessert menu 🙂 unless MR objects. http://www.perigeerestaurant.com/

  6. I am leaning towards the dessert menu also (surprise, surprise). But I’m intrigued by their vegetarian/vegan tasting menus. Do you think we’d be able to do a 4 course and share a dessert menu? Or is that just too ambitious? Just trying to think of ways we can have our cake and eat it too, literally!

  7. lol! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw they have vegetarian/vegan menu! I think 4 course + dessert should be ok 😉

  8. Terrific! I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength 🙂 I just hope this is agreeable for MR. This isn’t a place he’s already been to is it?

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