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Long overdue recap of some of the moments in February. Yes, there are actually some posts still in the queue. (I HATED it when I try to type something up, whether it’s email or post or discussion forum, a connection problem or login problem appear and I have to type everything up again – with all the hyperlinks and Yah, I’m losing my apetite for this post now… I have almost finished this post and when I hit “save” I lost everything. ARGH!) Anyhow… I’ll type it up again later, and I keep reminding myself saving the text somewhere before I hit the “save/publish” button.

***** Waited one day*****
Two special days in Feb – V day and M day.

For the V day, since the primary plan was unexpectedly interrupted, we went to Alice Fazooli’s in Richmond Hill. Apparently, this 404/hwy7 corner is getting more and more popular as more restaurants are being opened there. But hey! With all those restaurant, they better increase the parking area accordingly. It’s always been a hassle to find a parking spot there. Luckily, that wasn’t the case that night. We found a very good spot just right in front of the restaurant.

Here’re what we ordered for the night:
Antipasto – prosciutto, bresaola, cacciatorini salami, candied fig, extra virgin olive oil, black olives, crostini; it is a bit different from the ones that we usually get from the little Italy, was expecting some veggie and cheese with it. It was overall very good and I especially liked the olives and fig. Nice touch.

Monkfish – pan-seared monkfish, tomatoes, olives, capers, olive oil, fresh basil, orzo pasta, fresh vegetables. I really loved this dish; the monkfish was tasty and the texture of the orzo pasta was just right! A bit chewy which I like.
Alice Fazooli's 1

Shrimp Angel Hair – shrimp, fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, white wine, fresh basil, olive oil, Grana Padano, angel hair pasta. Had a bit of that and found it ok.
Alice Fazooli's 2

We also ordered the red wine. Can’t remember which one it was. Overall, it was a pleasant night out. The service was good, and the manager came by to check out if everything’s good.

FYI: Alice Fazooli’s
155 York Blvd., Richmond Hill (Hwy. 404 & Hwy. 7)
Tel: 905-709-4280

*****Waited another day*****
It was a weeknight, we decided to come to Maxim’s on Finch. It’s a Chinese-operated patisserie with pretty good cakes and western style menu items. I’ve been to this place for desserts and salad, but never had their full 3-courses meal. We were given the menus.
Maxim's 1

It was also my first time sitting on the other side of the restaurant.
Maxim's 2

Second glimpse, I saw this special 3D picture on the wall.
Maxim's 3

Consider it was a weeknight, there were quite a lot of customers.
We ordered two meals. Here’re the house salad and bread. The quality was consistent.
Maxim's 4

Ordered the two different kinds of soup they have – veggie vs. cream. Both of them were good. I preferred the veggie one – it was lighter.
Maxim's 5

Main entree (1): Rib eye steak
Maxim's 6

Main entree (2): Pork tenderloin
Maxim's 7

Both entrees tasted good and in good portion.

Maxim's 8

For the desserts, we picked the creme brulee and chestnut cake. Both were good! I haven’t had chestnut cake for quite a long time, and everytime I had it, it gives me this flashback of the junior high school years in HK, when me and my other two friends always bought chestnut cake for each other’s birthday.
Maxim's 10

Maxim's 11

FYI: Cafe Maxim’s Patisserie
648 Finch Avenue East, North York, ON M2K 2E6
Tel: 416-730-1080

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