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It’s late at night and I know I shouldn’t stay up too late, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who are here reading this post, those who celebrated with me, and those who thought about me… Feb 22 was my birthday and my lunar birthday felt on Feb 24 this year. During the past two weeks or so, we had the V Day, the Chinese New Year, and Marz’s birthdays (obviously they are as important as other cultural holidays :p). Just like in the previous 20+ years, I’m getting a mixed-fruit cake from my Daddy this year (and I hope I can continue to get the cake from him in the future). The simplist cake with the warmest wishes. None of us are good at expressing our care/feelings towards each other, but I could feel it via the tasty piece of cake. That night, we ordered take-out instead of dining out since it was cold and I was lazy and tired.

Bday Cake

Interestingly, this year, we have 4 birthday boy/gals in the office in February. Feb 9, 22, 22, 27. Therefore we took the average and had a celebration on Feb 20. It was a fun day. Without bosses’ presence, we were like kids in kindergarten having a monthly birthday party. I will treasure these moments and keep them with me.

2-20 Company party 3
Homemade blueberry cheesecake – by our colleague KL

2-20 Company party 1
Look at all the snacks we had! Thx for the pillow… it’s great for napping at desk.

Also had an unexpected early celebration with TW. Thanks for remembering, inviting me to dinner and the gift. Hope your fridge will work well.

il fornello 1

Enjoyed a relaxing night with RL. Encountered the first bump on the road. Thanks for everything. I really like the food encyclopedia.

Maxim's 9

On Saturday, celebrated with friends in a different way. Instead of the usual K and dinner, we went for indoor beach volleyball @ Beach Blast. Although some of us (e.g. me) don’t even know how to play, it was fun (and funny). I’m glad that they enjoyed it. Gotta thank JW for this great idea. It’s definitely one of the most memorable birthday activities that I’ve done – besides one time that I was wasted @ K (-_-|||) It’s all good.

To wrap everything up nicely… we went to the Living the Dream concert held by Across U-Hub. I have to say it was one of the most inspiring events that I’ve been to in the past few years. Originally, I was there just to support my friend, who was the director of the show. But when I walked out of the concert, I felt replenished, and I was refueled to pursue my dreams (or… to dream) again. Another surprise was that singer Emil Chau (周華健) popped in the charity concert to support the youth. It was my first time seeing him in person. Although it was a short appearence, I could feel his passion about music and I respect his view of life. He talked about the reason for his “disappearance”. It was because he encountered his first bottleneck. Instead of forcing himself to keep releasing album, he looked at it in a positive way. He took a break from music and eventually when he felt he could compose again, he went back to it. That’s the way we should treat our lives. I think that’s essentially the same as what EL said, “let the game comes to you”. Life is full of surprises and that’s what make it lively.

Living the Dream

Song Demos on the web
Concert Trailer on Youtube

Again, thanks everyone for everything. I’m fortunate to have all of you as my friends and family.

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  1. Happy to hear the excitement still in your voice as you recount your birthday experiences! We were almost going to go to the concert as well, as we too have a friend involved, but we couldn’t work out the schedule. I’m glad to hear that it was inspiring and will help you to dream again.

  2. Thanks a lot, I am really glad and happy that it was inspiring and made an impact to you, the Living the Dream concert, is not just one’s dream and effort, but with over 100 young ppl’s work there. I am truly glad you and the audience can see it and be inspired to dream, Thanks, it is very encouraging!!!

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