As you can see, I haven’t been very active updating my blog (especially the food review part) lately. These days I’ve been feeling that time’s not enough. Yah, I know many of you feel the same way too, but recently that feeling’s become so intense. Maybe it’s also because a lot of my time is tied up with work. Working from 9 to 6:30 most of the time; by the time I got home and ate, I was already exhausted. I dislike receiving lots of statements, notices and tax slips during Feb-March. They can really create headache. I could go paperless, but I found that I wouldn’t be printing them out and checking the figures if I don’t have the actual paper in front of me. (I suspect that’s the conspiracy underneath the “environmental friendly” mask.) Managing finance and tax for the family takes up a lot of time. On a positive side, I’d treat it as a training. If I can’t handle the family, how am I gonna handle a business?

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