Phoenix Restaurant 金鳳餐廳

P1020610aI have heard about this restaurant for the longest time, yet haven’t had a chance to try it out until a Friday night. After work, I was thinking of where to eat. Originally thought of the Malaysian restaurant, but this restaurant popped into my mind. (Maybe it was also because of the previous posts by BM.) Therefore, I quickly gave JW a holla and found out where exactly the restaurant is located. It’s actually very easy to find. It’s on the East side of McCowan Road, between 16th and Hwy 7. Exact intersaction is Raymerville Drive and McCowan Road. When we got there, I believe it was around 7:00ish. It was FULLHOUSE plus a lineup for a few table. We were asked if we mind sitting near the entrance with other people. Well, I was hungry, so it didn’t matter. Upon seated, we were given 2 huge folders of menu. They have a huge selection of dishes – Yunnan Vermicelli in Fish Broth, Malaysia Curry, Baked Rice/Spaghetti/Macaroni, HK Style dishes and other Toasts/Sandwiches. I believe the best seller is the Steamed Chicken w. Ginger Sauce.

It was a challenge to decide what to order from this menu. When we were about to order, someone came and wanted to sit with the group beside us. Therefore, we were kindly asked to move to the booth on the side – which was even better – More privacy and better angle for pictures.


I ordered the HK Style Tea with no ice (nice!) and RL ordered the mango milkshake. Both were good.

P1020607a P1020606a P1020604a

For the main dish, we ordered the Steamed Chicken with Ginger Sauce and the Yunnan Vermicelli with Fish Bean Curd in Fish Broth. The fish broth was milky in color and very home-y. The vermicelli was just the right amount and good for someone like me (who’s been sick forever since the new year). I liked both dishes. The chicken was tender and flavourful. Very good portion. Both of us were full.

One thing I’ve noticed was that all the servers there are quite energetic and self-motivated. They came by to check if everything was ok, yet in a non-intrusive manner. They were very polite and was thankful that we could be relocated to another table. The food was prepared quickly so I didn’t have to starve. The price was good. (Vermicelli costed less than $6 and the Chicken rice costed about $7-8)


At the end, when there were fewer people, I took a picture of the restaurant so you get a sense of how it looks like in there. Overall, it costed about $20ish if I remember correctly. There are still a lot of items that we would like to try – e.g. their in-house desserts. We went again another day – let me check and see if I’ve taken any picture. Can’t remember now. With the food quality, customer service (of course, you gotta compare them with restaurants around the same price range), and price points, I can understand why this restaurant is getting more and more popular.

FYI: Phoenix Restaurant 金鳳餐廳
1 Raymerville Drive, Unit 10, Markham, ON.
Open: 8am – 10pm
Tel: 905-471-6536

10 thoughts on “Phoenix Restaurant 金鳳餐廳

  1. I really like their chicken rice(I’m a big fan of chicken rice), and the overall quality of their food is good….I suspect I saw you there once, I was buying takeout, but you’re not sitting on this seat, it’s by the window, it was just one second you turned your head towards me….so maybe I’m wrong 😛

  2. WAT! You saw me again?! That’s so not fair. Yah, the second time I went, the seat was by the window on the right of the entrance.

  3. Sorry…I know it’s not fair…but seems like it’s not a good time for me to step up…next time la

  4. I have only been there once… the food was so-so. but given there just isn’t any hk style restaurant in the area, they are okay if you don’t want to drive far. And yes, as I remember, the servers are polite and nice. (By the way, Marz, have you been to the Nan Yuen on Bur Oak? That one should just fold themselves. Bad Bad Bad!

  5. arh so many good comments I shall try….I like chicken so I probably will order half a chicken plus rice.

    Might be another good place to get take out to go “Sze woo Choi” too 🙂 !!!

  6. Yah 不清, this place is not bad! You can see they do have the “heart” to run the business. I haven’t been to that Nan Yuan. (lol fold themselves!!!)

    Yup drifter, you an try. (+ it’s not that far too)

  7. yeah !!! got half a ranch running chicken, also found suitable size CHOY SUM at T&T. Cooked fresh rice, Monday night dinner was very enjoyable!

  8. Other than the chicken rice, this restaurant has big variety to choose, you won’t get bored even you go there daily!

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