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Another late post… My third visit to Oliver & Bonacini @ Bayview Village.

On a Sunday night, eight of us came to O&B at around 7:30pm. When I tried to make a reservation, I was told that the latest reservation was for 6:30pm since the place closes quite early on Sunday nights (I believe it is around 9 or 9:30pm). The dinner was for a friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday again (don’t think she ever visited this site though, but anywayz :p). It was a significant night to me as well because my relationship was also ended that night.

7:40pm, everyone was there and we were seated at “the table” on the left side of the entrance. The reason why I call it “the table” is that this table was very unique, unlike other tables in the restaurant that were white/ivory in color, our table has this nice and warm color. On the table, there was a big bowl of clementines. The birthday girl had two but I didn’t try it. We were served by a very helpful/friendly/charismatic waiter. I liked the big smile on his face and also his attitude – “I’m here to serve you”.

There were a list of specials – drinks and entrees. I ordered the mango lemonade (uncarbonated). The first sip, it was quite sour… but the more I drank it, the better it tasted. I found it refreshing just by looking at the clementine and the drink.

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For the entree, I ordered the Vegetarian plate since I didn’t feel like eating a lot nor eating meat. However, soon I found out that I had a wrong impression. Vegetarian doesn’t mean it’s not filling. Oh God. Look at that plate! Crisp falafel, salad, mushroom and goat cheese bruschetta, corn pudding, and some grilled vegetables. It was really filling and tasted good.

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We also ordered a B.B.Q. Duck Pizza with Pineapple, caramelized onions, chillies and coriander. One pizza, eight slices = just right! We all loved this pizza. I think it’s something you should try if you are there with a group by any chance. (Thanks Flo’s bf’s recommendation!) Duck pizza… I don’t know where else I can get that.

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Looking at other people’s dishes… they looked delicious too, especially the Sesame Seared Yellowfin Tuna. It looked healthy. I always like tuna steak; maybe next time.

Oliver & Bonacini 7 Oliver & Bonacini 8

At the end, we all struggled and didn’t know which desserts to get. So, we ordered the Chef’s Platter – it’s famous carrot cake with lemon sour cream ice-cream, the three home baked squares, cheesecake and warm blueberry buckle with ice-cream. (Counter-clockwise from the bottom) – Yummm – sharing goodies with good friends.

Oliver & Bonacini 9

Overall, each person paid $40 (T&T included; birthday girl excluded). I would say it was a very good experience. So far, I haven’t had a bad experience at O&B. Their food quality and service are so far consistent. Location-wise, it’s very convenient. I know they are participating in the Winterlicious this year as well. If you haven’t tried, maybe you wanna do it this time. However, so far, most of my “-licious” experiece have been unimpressive. I really don’t know if I’m doing it this year. I may rather go dine at a regular time if I really want to try a restaurant.

FYI: Oliver & Bonacini Bar & Grill

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