Boston – Last Day

Before I start new posts about another trip, I’d better finish this one first 🙂

Carousel Center

Last day of my Boston trip – we went to Carousel Center at Syracuse. The mall was a really big one. It’s located half-way of our trip (Toronto < --> Boston). The last day, everyone was kinda tired and we (I) have already done 99% of my shopping on Thanksgiving Black Friday. Therefore, the shops there weren’t really appealing to me. Plus, another thing was that I was wearing a pair of new shoes. They weren’t that comfortable.

We ate at the food court there. There were a few restaurants that I haven’t seen in Toronto. This Arthur Treacher’s was one of them. Fish and chips… I ordered the combo with a Mountain Dew. They were so-so.

Authur Treacher's @ Carousel Center Authur Treacher's Combo Authur Treacher's Close-up

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours there and then headed home. I love Toronto. That night, we had buffet at Casino Fallsview. Had some interesting convo. I love road trips with good friends.

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