Moxie's 1 (After all these years…) Finally I was there @ Moxie’s. Remember I wrote about my previous attempts to visit Moxie’s. I had never been able to go there. One time while waiting for a table @ the Fairview Mall location, all of a sudden the fire alarm was triggered and everyone had to leave.

The other night, TL and I came to this location near Yonge and Sheppard (yeh, you know where the Extreme Fitness is – the restaurant is right above the fitness center.) It was a Friday night. When we walked in we saw two long tables of female customers… I was wondering what kind of event it was or… was it a women’s club’s dinner or something like that?

Anyhow, enough of my nosy-ness.

We were brought to a big table which could seat 4-5 people. The servers were very friendly. The waiter highly recommended the items on the festive menu on the first page – limited time offer. Usually, for the first visit, I would try the normal items on the menu. However, since it was around Christmas time, we ended up ordering everything from the special menu.

Here’s what we ordered:

– Stuffed mushrooms with crab meat and cream cheese – appetizer – so-so. Nothing spectacular.

– Fusion Shrimp salad – oh… I loved the wasabi sauce. It was really appetizing. You may find the portion a bit too small, but it was just right for me for that night since I had a BIG lunch. 3 shrimps + veggies + some sauce… costed about $12.

– Seafood pasta (for RL) – had a bit of that. Tasted not bad; right portion for my normal appetite.

– From the wine menu we also ordered a Chardonnay.

Moxie's 2 Moxie's 3 Moxie's 4

Compared to the one at Fairview mall, I really liked the atmosphere at this location. The dining area was quite large. I felt that it would be a great place to hangout with my girl friends. Didn’t have a chance to try their normal menu items, but from what I heard, the food is so-so there. Don’t know if you’ve noticed that Moxie’s is expanding… There is one opening @ Yorkdale, another one opening @ Scarborough Town Center. Hope they will be good. (at least don’t be like the Montana’s [Steeles/Don Mills location] that we’ve been to a few days ago – the service and food were unacceptable.)

At the end, we also looked at the dessert menu. We were tempted to get a piece of cheesecake, but we were too full and the cake was too big of a piece. Maybe next time. 🙂

FYI: Moxie’s Classic Grill
The location we went to:
#105, 4950 Yonge Street,
North York, ON., M2N 6K1
Tel: 416-226-3217

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