Holiday presents for myself

I remember when I first heard from FH that she buys a birthdy gift for herself every year, I was kinda shocked. Sometimes I find I haven’t been treating myself well enough. I could buy very nice gifts for friends and maybe family, but not so much for myself.

Thinking about what I want, my mind just went blank believe it or not. I think I’m quite easily satisfied.

Here’re something that I can think of at this moment… hope I can add more to the list soon. Trying to be more materialistic.

1. I want a very good home theatre, with all sorts of media organized by a powerful central computer system – in other words, a digital home. (hope I can achieve this in the near future) For now, I may just look at a good headphone.

2. My dream car. I think it would be Mercedes-Benz’s SLK. (Day-dreaming now)

3. Fragrance – Wanna try Hermes’s Un Jardin Sur Le Nil – a unisex fragrance… not sure if I would like it if I’m wearing it a lot, but from the sample that I got, I like it. (Its review)

4. I believe a good trench coat is a must-have.

5. A nice laptop… Not sure which one though

-To be continued-

6 thoughts on “Holiday presents for myself

  1. 我要你做我既xmas present啦~ (因為我淨係睇你個blog已經好似玩/食o左好多野咁…正!)

  2. Between Mercedes-Benz and BMW or Audi, I will pick a BMW! For some reason, I really hate Mercedes-Benz! Well, I don’t have the money anyway! I will stick with my Toyota Celica and dream about a Mini Cooper!

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