Boston – Day 3(ii) – Tasca Tapas Restaurant


Walked around downtown til around 5-6pm, then we drove to MIT and walked around the school. It was the Thanksgiving weekend and we could hardly see any student there. Took some pictures… don’t know why, all of a sudden I had a feeling that I would be in Boston again. Maybe, @ MIT again.

After MIT, we also drove around the Harvard area. There were many Harvard faculties and buildings around that area (reminds me of the UT St. George Campus). All we did was to have a quick minivan tour. That was good enough for me. Before I went to Boston, I saw quite a lot of people comment on how difficult it is to drive around the city. Actually I found it wasn’t that bad. Maybe the city was relatively old – back in the old days the system might not be as well-designed. I gotta say Toronto’s city is one of the easiest to get around.

After the relatively cultured tour, we headed to another restaurant, Tasca Tapas, for our dinner. It was a nice Spanish restaurant. Very warm, cozy and welcoming. Six of us were there. We ordered around 12-13 tapas, an entree and a jar of Sangria to share.
Here are some of the dishes that I could remember…

Los tres amigos – Grilled trio of sausages served with grilled flatbread, carmelized onions and Dijon mustard

Tortilla española – Traditional Spanish potato and onion omelet

Solomillo Petit – filet mignon (3oz) served over a sherry braised mushroom sauce

Asado de cerdo – Slow roasted pork over a white bean ragout with braised mushrooms

Calamares fritos – Fried calamari, salsa Andalucia

Confít de pato – Roasted duck leg served over red cabbage and apples

Carpaccio de buey – Tenderloin carpaccio with tomato and cabrales cheese croutons

Fideos con Mariscos – Shrimp, calamari, mussels and salmon tossed with pasta in a white wine sauce

Filete de cerdo al rioja – Herb and garlic marinated pork tenderloin served with a mixed bean ragout and sautéed Spinach over a scallion potato cake in a Rioja shallot reduction

(Originally at the end, we wanted to get thePaella de mariscos – Shrimp, scallops, mussels & calamari with saffron rice cooked in a lobster broth – but it took 20-30 minutes to cook, so we just left it)

Tasca 1 Tasca 2 Tasca 3 Tasca 8 Tasca 5 Tasca 4 Tasca 9 Tasca 6 Tasca 7 Tasca 10 Tasca 11 Tasca 12 Tasca 13

Overall, the experience was ok. The waitress could look more patient. The food was not bad. Everything included, I think the bill was about USD120 or so.
FYI: Tasca Tapas Restaurant

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