Yes, Friday night Marz’s staying at home and spending some quality time w/ myself. Very nice. I think we all need that once in a while especially I’ve been out and crazy lately.

After watching the movie “The Island” that TW gave me previously, my heart was still beating fast. Yeah, it was an exciting and thought-provoking movie (at least to me). Then, I finally spent a good hour on upgrading the backend stuffs for this blog (i.e. you won’t see the difference). I’m getting so sick of all the spam comments these days, and it’s also time for a wordpress upgrade. Ya, patting on my back, good job Marz. Chop chop, no more procrastination. 🙂

Getting kinda late. It’s such a windy night.

7 thoughts on “Finally…upgraded

  1. Good job Miss Marz, IF I were not wrong the fonts of the posting page changed, and the comment input box can extend by itself 🙂

    I like the movie “the Island” too.

    Have a great weekend, and looking forward to read your Boston adventures.

  2. Had too much quiet time to myself this Saturday. So much quiet time that 2 movies and 3 episodes of a J-dorama couldn’t help me out. I’m going to HK this spring break for 2 weeks. Got any ideas where I could go or where I could meet some nice people?

  3. Yes, same here. I watched the “Crank” last night instead of going out to party. Spring break I guess is around March? Don’t know when was the last time you went to HK and if you’ve been to those major hotspot yet (e.g. CWB, Central). When I go, usually I would go w/ friends and there are a lot of private places (members only) lounges in some commercial buildings in CWB and other places in HK Island.

    Or… some alternatives such as Tai O, or some places in the New Territories, such as Ping Shan, Mei Po can give you a different view of HK. HK is not always about high rise buildings and shoppings.

    It really depends if you have a friend/family there to show you around, if not, you should buy some travel books/check out some website before you go. 🙂

  4. Apparently Rick has no friend or family in Hong Kong, so I ventured.

    HONG KONG, the land of contrast.

    YOU can see the very very wealthy people and the very very poor people. (at central)

    YOU can see high rise concrete jungle yet you can find shelters which barely cover your HEAD and TAIL. (under the flyovers)

    YOU can see the unban area but in 30 minutes you can see hills and coastlines in the country side. (Sai Gong Peninsula)

    Endless example(s) discover yourself.

    renards: Mind you stomach EAT clean!!!

  5. I do have one uncle left that is still living there. And I’ve actually been back twice. But this is the 1st time I’m going back as an adult. So I want to try exploring it on my own a little and weigh the option of actually moving there. I wonder if I would actually like it more than Japan? Are there great places that might convince me so?

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