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Yes. Finally. I’m back to my lovely Toronto. The trip to Boston was fun and exciting. Lots of stories to tell. However, I still like Toronto better despite all the great sales (temptations!!!) south of the border. Before I start that topic, I’d like to finish this post that I’ve started before my trip.

NAVA 1About a month ago, JT and I thought of the idea of organizing a mini high school reunion in November – the month after the crazy Halloween parties but before the festive December. I always think JT is a good partner to work with (although I have never worked with him before) because both of us are action person – put words to actions – and then chop chop chop. Right after our chat, we sorted out the contact list, potential dates & venues and timeline. Gosh…I think both of us must have been infected by the PM virus (the work-related disease) due to our job nature. :S

Once the date was set, it was time to decide where to go. It was not a tough decision since we wanted to stay uptown (or… some of you would consider RH/MKM areas as “out-of-town”). I was thinking about Marlowe and he was thinking about Nava. Both of them are located in the same area. The week before the reunion party, I went to a birthday party of 30 people @ Marlowe. There was an area at the back and I found that quite suitable for the reunion. However, I trusted JT’s taste and I would like to try out some new places. Therefore, Nava it is. 😀

The party started at 7pm. Unexpectedly, most of the people were ON TIME! WOW!!! I guess maybe everyone knew it is always difficult to find a parking spot in that area, and somehow everyone took that into account before they came.


7pm sharp. I was the second person who arrived there. I was led to some tables at the back (not the second level, but that dining area was a bit higher). The environment was very relaxing, but yet not too casual – a good place for a Friday night drink with some close friends or a night out with a big group (just like us on that Saturday night).

Chit Chat Chit Chat, flash flash, smile… We started settling down and ordering appetizers at around 7:45pm. One of the waitresses was kinda confused since we kept moving around after ordering the food/drinks. On the same night, there were 3 couples who are going to get married next year – in August, September and October. Congrats!

So… Here’s what I ordered:

Starter: Grilled Calamari Salad – tomatillo, chayote squash, jalapeno’s, charred onions, tomatoes – Huge pieces of calamari and salad tasted good!!! I loved it.
Main: Spice Rub Seared Tuna – Black bean & plantain rice, blistered chile-pineapple salsa verde – I ordered medium rare, however I found it a bit overcooked. Overall, not bad.


One of my friends ordered this burger – not exactly sure which one it is, but it looked REALLY BIG. I like the lighting of this picture.


Took a group picture in front of the restaurant at the end. I’m glad that everyone had a great time, chillin and seeing some long lost friends. The venue was also a good one. FYI: Similar to Marlowe, only those who are over 21 are allowed to go in after 9:30. Dress code in effect – mainly affect guys though – the usual no runners, no hats, no baggy pants, etc. With a drink, a starter, a main course, + tax + tips (for party of 8+, min. 15%), I paid about $50. The service was good.

FYI: Nava Restaurant & Bar
125 York Blvd., Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
Tel: (905) 709-1933

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