Why buffet?!


I think I’ve written something about buffet before. For as low as $12 bucks you get to eat as much as you can. With inner struggle of “To eat or Not to eat”, you march towards the aisles of food again and again, emptying one dish after another. That’s why I don’t like to go for buffet or AYCE.

So, why the hell was I there @ Wasabi!

Quite a long time ago, an AYCE Japanese restaurant opened up near my old house. The name was Wasabi 十八番 – located at the corner of a strip mall where you can also see Star Walk Buffet. One day after ice-skating, some of my friends and I went there. The Japanese food was good/okay. Service was quick and portion was relatively small (which I like – since I don’t want to be unable to finish it –> waste of food) Then, about 1-2 years later, this “chain” restaurant opened up another location @ West Beaver Creek, where the Paparazzi used to be.

Last Friday, we went there for lunch. Wasabi is a restaurant that I’ve heard so much about. Some people say it’s excellent, some people say it’s the worst restaurant in the GTA. I’m not exaggerating here; that’s what they actually said.

Wasabi 1 Wasabi 2 Wasabi 3

Friday around 1pm, there were quite a lot of people. The place was quite nice and spacious. Walking around the sushi bar and food stands, I noticed that this Wasabi was so much different from the Wasabi @ Silver Star Blvd. This one is buffet, with all types of food, chinese, seafood, salads, grills, and of course some Japanese sushi. All I took was 3 dishes as you can see above (pictures were taken with my cell phone). The appetizers were good – a lot of varieties. Chinese dimsum and grills were quite good as well. The fruits were of usual quality – can’t expect too much. The sushi was just so-so… I guess that may be the one of the reasons why people say it’s not good –> since they have the “Japanese AYCE” framework in mind and this place doesn’t have the Japanese specialty.

FYI: Wasabi 十八番 (Buffet)
270 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9
Tel: 905-881-6288


A few days later… There goes another BUFFET!!! Due to some reasons, I went to the Imperial Buffet @ Eglinton Town Centre. It was a Wednesday night at around 7:30pm. I have never been to any of the IB locations before. When I got there, I found there were not a lot of Chinese (except the servers/employees there). Non-Asian people, I found, were really fond of the king crab legs there. The food there was actually quite good. They had a wide selection of desserts… cakes, puddings, chocolate fudges, brownies, etc… Service was ok… need to attend to customers better. (to be cont’d)

FYI: Imperial Buffet
24 Lebovic Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1L 4V9
Tel: 416-288-9699

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